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Thinking of purchasing a cleaning franchise? Here’s what you need to know!

If you’re thinking about buying a cleaning franchise, then there are likely, hundreds of questions swirling around in your head.

There’s a lot to think about. So, in this blog, we’re going to tackle three of the most important questions to ask, head on!

How do cleaning franchises work?

Our cleaning franchises works much the same as any other cleaning business you might purchase, except for one MAJOR thing… you get unlimited support, backup, business coaching… and… your part of a national network of dedicated home and commercial cleaning professionals that you can tap into for networking, hints and tips… and often, over time, friendships.

Purchasing a home cleaning franchise also gets you access to dedicated marketing in your area to help get enquiries for your services from day one. You’ll receive training in ‘how to run your business’ as well as ‘how to do the job; professionally and efficiently’.

Let’s break it down even further… here’s exactly how a cleaning franchise works:

  1. You buy your ready-to-go business (it’s affordable at $26,600 + GST… and we have pay-as-you-go options!)
  2. Your purchase grants you an exclusive area to trade in, and the rights to trade as a James Home Services business – gaining you INSTANT brand recognition and credibility
  3. We guide you through the setup of all the details – like insurance, bank account, registering an ABN and business name
  4. We train you in everything you need to know: how to market your cleaning business, how to get enquiries, how to quote and charge so you’re profitable and of course, how to do the work efficiently and effectively! Get our 30 years of experience and tricks of the trade all at your fingertips!
  5. We start marketing your business specifically to people in your area to attract new service job leads for you.
  6. We have easy-to-use but powerful job management software to keep you on-top of your quoting, scheduling and invoicing and save you HOURS of administration time.
  7. In your first few months, your business coach is in touch with you consistently to help with all the little questions that come up, and to continue your training so we are building your skills as a business owner.
  8. Once you’ve found your feet, your business coach can help you set more specific financial and work/life balance goals and then work with you to set a plan to achieve them.
  9. All the while, you have the support and backing on an entire network of James Home Services business owners around you; and there are plenty of ways we connect you to your peers so you can talk to others who have been through the stage of business ownership you’re in.
  10. Ongoing, we ensure we continue working with you to build a profitable business.
  11. We also have LOTS of online training and resources for pretty much anything you need in your cleaning business; Workplace Health & Safety, policy and procedure, help to get registered as an NDIS provider and tools to help you calculate what your hourly charge-out rate needs to be in order to achieve the level of profitability in your business that you wish.

Are cleaning franchises profitable?

We have franchisees that turnover thousands per week in their cleaning franchise. Some do it on their own; others do it by having staff in their business.

We also have franchisees who have lower income expectations of their business, because having flexibility in their day and the ability to fit their job around other life and family commitments is their priority.

Our franchises allow this flexibility to decide what your own financial, lifestyle and work goals are and to build your business to fit into that.

We also have clear and set training in how to charge for your services to help you understand how to budget to make your cleaning franchise profitable.

Are cleaning franchises a good investment?

Any business can be a solid investment if you set clear goals, have great support around you, and you give it your all.

We have all the tips, tricks, tools and training to help you make your cleaning business a good investment – all we look for from you, is a can-do attitude and a willingness to put in the hard yards up front to reap the rewards over time.

No business is ever ‘quick money’ or ‘easy money’. But, we’ve proven with almost 30 years operating within Australia, that we can successfully help every day people to own their own cleaning franchise, and have it generate a return to them that sees them fulfilling financial, family and work/life balance goals.

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