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Start your James Home Services business from as little as $100 per week

James Home Services Australia now offers a SUBSCRIPTION OPTION to purchasing your own business.

Get all the training, marketing, support, backup and coaching… but pay for it as you develop your business; from as little as $100 + GST per week.
It’s the great Aussie dream, to work for yourself. To be in control of your own schedule. To drop the kids off and pick them up from school, and watch them at their sports days.
But there are two major barriers standing in the way for most people:
- Upfront cost; and
- Business experience
In the past, a franchise solves the second of these problems. It provides training, marketing, backup, support, coaching and leads to get your business running, and to skill you in how to keep it running profitably!
But, that comes at a cost, upfront. Usually anywhere between $20,000 and $60,000.
But not any more… now you can SUBSCRIBE to your James Home Services business. 

How does subscribing to your business work?

Business ownership is within reach...

Why choose James Home Services?

  • We are the ONLY franchise offering a subscription option to buying your business!!
  • Our support is next level; we back ourselves and our ability to help you get your business started!
  • We are big enough to have all the fire power and the brand awareness you want, but not so big that you become a cog in the wheel. We know all of our franchisees personally – and that will never change. You’ll never be a number. We just don’t operate like that. Plain and simple!
  • ​We send you leads for free!
  • ​Not sure what to charge? How to quote? How to be profitable? Our system is geared to help you succeed. We have resources, tools and support to have you nailing all these core business functions – and so much more.

Real results speak louder than any fancy words we can string together!

Our business models are geared for success… here are some REAL examples of what our franchisees are achieving with their James businesses…
  • We have franchisees employing staff within the first 12 months to keep up with demand
  • Many of our franchisees are at capacity and can’t take new clients
  • ​We have franchisees who are operating multiple service businesses with James so they can expand their service offering
  • ​We have franchisees who enjoy mostly regular work, with room for once off jobs too
  • Our bespoke tools assist franchisees to determine what their charge out rate must be, and strategies to effectively win work at those rates

I'm interested! What next?

No lock-in; leave at any time!

Nope, you’re never locked in. You can leave at any time. Of course, we want you to run a started business so, there are incentives to stay…
  • If you leave within the first 24 months, you must pay the balance of the subscription fee that would be paid over that 24 months.
  • And if you leave after that, we require you to provide 10 weeks’ notice of your decision.
Why stay for the first 24 months? Because we know from experience that the first 12 -18 months are the hardest (you’re starting a business, its never easy, but we’re here to support your every step). After that, we find our business owners find their groove. They’ve built a strong customer base, and are entering a new phase of their business ownership – either maintaining, or actively seeking growth.
And why 10 weeks’ notice? Well you can’t just wind down a business in 2 days… it takes time for us to help you distribute our customers to other business owners and effect a transition and all the other loose ends we help you to tidy up before you move on.
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