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Starting a business is BIG! And the first step is often the hardest… getting started. We’re guessing that’s why you’re here!

For 30 years, we’ve been helping everyday Aussies to start their own cleaning and lawn mowing businesses in Australia.

We’ve learnt all the tricks of the trade, we’ve refined our systems and processes, we know what works… and we know the secret sauce to success.

Joining James unlocks to you, everything we know, and our absolute commitment to walking alongside you in your business ownership journey. All the way from registering for your ABN to employing staff and growing your business.

So, if you’re ready to start your journey to business ownership, then you’re in the right place. This page gives you access to LOADS of helpful information.

… and if you’d rather just have a conversation with a real person… then make an enquiry and one of our team will be touch for a chat

Everyone claims they do it differently. We ACTUALLY do!

Here’s how we walk-the-walk…

Our World First Subscription Model

Our Subscription model, is a world first. We are the only franchise network in the world, offering a subscription to your own business start-up. You get all the same training, support, marketing and tools as someone buying their business upfront, but, under our subscription model, you can choose to pay for your business… as you’re building it.

An apprenticeship in small business management

Never started a business before? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you!

When you start a business on your own, you really are on your own.

When you start a business with James, think of it as getting a full apprenticeship in small business management… all while your actually building and running your own businesss

Business Owners Photos Daniel Coates

The training we offer…is next level!

The support we provide, is unrivalled!

We back ourselves, to back you.

We don’t just send you leads and hope for the best; we build your skills as a business owner and manager. And you get to take those same skills with you into whatever you choose to do in the future!

The James Way

This one’s hard to quantify. It’s a feeling. It’s our business as usual. It’s how we treat people. It’s how we think.

Our approach is simple: we operate our network with sharp business acumen… but a strong moral compass.

What does that mean?

We do the right thing. By our business owners. By each other. All the time.

We are fair.

And we always act in the best interests of our business owners. Simple.



Why James?

We could tell you all the reasons why ‘we’ think you should pick us… or, we could tell you the feedback we’ve received from real business owners who HAVE chosen us…

You’re different. The subscription model makes it possible

2. The information was easy to find

3. You answered all our questions, honestly

4. We never felt like a number

5. We could see that the support being promised, was real

6. You were real people – no sales tactics and no pressure

You can read our full article on why people choose us, here…

Meet some of the Team

Want more detailed information about some of biggest questions you have? We’ve taken the time to dive deep in these articles…

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5 steps to owning a James Home Services business

5 Steps to owning a James Home Services Business

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Speak to our team about becoming a franchisee!

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Meet the MD

Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer – pretty much everything you need to get started in your business except for insurance, your ABN and your vehicle!

When you buy a James’ business, this is what’s included for your purchase price:

  • All your equipment – we provide top quality equipment, not cheap equipment
  • We will wrap your vehicle with our signature James’ branding
  • Products (e.g. cleaning products)
  • Business systems and software – your own portal specifically for your business in our business management software; used for managing enquiries, quoting, scheduling, invoicing and more!
  • Manuals, policies and procedures
  • Training – two days of intensive one-on-one business management training and a week of practical, on-the-job training
  • Assistance to set up your accounting software and training on how to use it
  • Uniforms
  • Marketing collateral – brochures, signs, business cards and stationery
  • Local area advertising package
  • WHS compliance and training

We have a proven training system for our new business owners:

  • 2 days of intensive, one-on-one business management training which covers things like marketing, getting your first job, quoting for profitability, using our business management software, customer retention and more. Your trainer is your regional manager, who is your go-to person for anything and everything you will need as a business owner with James’.
  • Then, you’ll receive 5 days of practical, on-the-job training, which implements everything you learnt in the first two days about running your business, as well as training you in how to do the job. Your trainer is a current James’ business owner who has become an accredited James’ trainer. To become an accredited James’ trainer, they must consistently demonstrate an exemplary level of service to their customers and astute management of their business. They must also complete our ‘Train the Trainer’ course!

Everything you need to get started in your business!

For all service models, we will have your vehicle wrapped in the signature James’ branding instead.

You also receive all the equipment relative to the service model you are purchasing.

For example, our Lawn & Garden Care business includes a ride-on mower and a push mower, hedge trimmer, edger, blower, garden saws for pruning, all your personal protective equipment and workplace health and safety equipment, fuel cans, rake, shovels, clippings bags, toolbox, sprayer, hose and fittings, ladder… and so much more!

We provide quality equipment that is reliable and will give you the best results.

You will receive a full itemised equipment and kit list as part of the information we share after an enquiry is made.

The question everyone wants the answer to… and the one question we cannot answer. Not because we’re trying to be coy, but because our rulebook for how we act as a Franchisor (The Franchising Code of Conduct, legislated by Government) prohibits us from saying anything to you that might be taken as a ‘representation’ as to the earning capacity of the business. The whole idea of this rule is to protect potential business owners by ensuring we don’t hook you by promising you’ll make squillions!

In reality, what you make is up to you! It’s your business, so you’re in charge of quoting and collecting payment. We provide training to ensure that you are quoting and charging your work at a sustainable rate.

Throughout the process of buying a James’ business, you get the opportunity to talk to existing business owners… and no topic is off limits. You can ask how much they earn and what their profitability level is.

We keep our fees simple and fair. There are three fees that you pay:

  1. Franchise Fee – this is a percentage of your turnover, and the percentage decreases the more you earn.
  2. Advertising Levy – this is NOT revenue for the Master Franchisor, this is collected by us, to be spent on marketing and advertising the network and to drive service enquiries from customers.
  3. Communications & IT Fee – this is a flat fee per week that assists us to provide a call centre for customer enquiries as well as to maintain and continually improve the business management software you will use.

Nope! Our model doesn’t work like this. You pay a flat weekly Communications & IT Fee which helps us to run our call centre and to maintain our business management software that you use, but you don’t get charged per lead we send to you.

In short – yes you do… but we help… A LOT!

Every person in our business has a role to play in marketing the James’ brand. If we have all of our business owners actively marketing their businesses, as well as our Regional Franchisors, Regional Managers and Head Office, then the reach we can achieve is quite staggering – far more than any independent business owner.

The marketing our business owners are responsible for is called ‘local area marketing’ and it just means that your focus as a business owner is on the things you can do locally, to get your business known and to encourage people to use your services.

We spend a huge amount of time in your initial training supporting you to understand and be confident in implementing the marketing techniques that we know work! We also have an almost bottomless pit of resources when it comes to advertising material, including brochures, social media posts, logo and icon assets, as well as a go-to guide for how to market your business with lots of simple but effective things you can do every day, most without any cost!

Yes! We offer a $1,000 per week Income Guarantee.

We offer an Income Guarantee because we recognise a lot of our new James’ business owners are moving from the safety of being employed and having a wage deposited into the account each week, to the uncertainty of, ‘Where is my revenue coming from this week?’.

We trust in our systems, training and processes to help you get your business off to the best possible start, so we know that even while we offer the Income Guarantee, it’s rarely used by new business owners after the first few weeks in their business.

Short answer – whatever support you need!

Your regional manager is your personal business coach and will spend as much time with you as you need, or at least one face-to-face session per week for your first 8-12 weeks in business, then once monthly after that.

Each region has regular team meetings, which is an opportunity to meet other business owners in your area, as well as participate in learning sessions that are often integrated into team meetings.

Head Office periodically produces and releases updated documents, new advertising materials, updated procedures or compliance documentation or online learning resources based on feedback from our network and the ever-changing business environment. These are accessible to all our business owners, anytime, anywhere, to work through at your own pace.

Here are just a few reasons why buying a James’ business makes starting your own business that much easier:

  • Instant national brand recognition
  • All your equipment, trailer etc provided for you
  • All your training provided for you
  • Advanced business management software at your fingertips
  • Not sure if you need an ABN, business name, insurance etc? No stress… we can help point you in the right direction for all of this!
  • Proven business systems and 27 years of experience in operating home services businesses at your fingertips
  • Access to a business coach at no additional cost
  • Help to navigate anything and everything related to starting a business… not sure about something, ask us!

If you are interested to learn more about being a James’ business owner, submit an enquiry.

One of our team will be in touch personally to start walking you through our 5-step process.

Step 1: Learn about us and let us learn about you!

Step 2: Meet some current James’ business owners

Step 3: Sign a Franchise Agreement

Step 4: Get your business set up

Step 5: Final payment and training

We don’t apply pressure or sales tactics throughout the process, and there is no obligation to continue progressing. If you decide this isn’t for you, just let us know. We won’t try and persuade you otherwise, but we will leave the door open if you think you might want to pick the conversation up again in the future.

Interested to know more about owing your own business?

Submit an enquiry and one of our team, will be in touch! 


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Ready to take the next step?

Submit an enquiry and one of our team, will be in touch! 


Where are you based / would like to setup your business?

Is a James Home Services business right for you?

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