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Franchising in Sydney

James Home Services has franchise opportunities available throughout Sydney’s suburbs and surrounding regional areas. We have a small existing team of franchisees in Sydney and we are actively working to grow our Sydney team.

The market is strong, demand for home services, especially home cleaning and lawn mowing is growing and our current teams are at capacity.

In Sydney, population density means a smaller territory is needed to build a strong and profitable home services

franchise; this means, you can nest your clients and cut down travel time significantly – giving you more billable hours in the day to drive profitability in your business.

All our franchise services are available as businesses in Sydney; from home cleaning franchises to lawn mowing franchises, carpet cleaning franchises and mobile car cleaning franchises.

Experience the freedom of owning your OWN business

Cost of a Franchise and Payment Options

We offer flexible pay-as-you-go options, so you pay for your business whilst it’s earning you an income. We have great support from your Regional Manager and the existing team in Sydney, and we include all your training, equipment and a dedicated marketing package from day 1, to drive enquiry to your business!

Our Sydney home cleaning franchises cost $26,600 + GST and our Sydney lawn mowing franchises are $26,000 + GST plus your trailer and a ride on mower at your discretion.

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The James Home Services business subscription model is the first of its kind in Australia and makes business ownership more accessible to you!

Our Franchises

When you purchase a James Home Services franchise you are granted an exclusive trading area – no other James Home Services franchisees are permitted to compete for work in your area. All the enquiry we receive for your area, is sent to you exclusively and immediately to give you the best shot at winning that work.

A James Home Services franchise unlocks instant brand recognition in your market and a reputation for quality and excellence. You have absolute access to a Regional Manager to help you build your business so it achieves your business, financial and lifestyle goals. We support you every step of the way with targeted marketing for your business, training in business management as well as doing the work, a great team culture of inclusivity and support and all the business 101 necessities to ensure your business is compliant such as Workplace Health and Safety documentation, policies and procedures and everything else in-between.

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, but not sure where to begin; how to attract customers, what registrations you need. It can all start to feel too complicated too quickly. Talk to us! We are experts in supporting everyday people into business ownership; without the headaches of doing it completely on your own.

Home Cleaning Franchises

Our home cleaning franchises are affordable, and there is SO MUCH demand for cleaners at the moment, and growing. We’ve seen this sector experience consistent and significant growth for over a decade, with no signs on slowing down. More and more people are choosing to hire home cleaners to give them time back in their day and with their families. Who wants to spend their weekends, cleaning the house. There is also fantastic opportunity for bond cleaning, spring cleans and commercial work including tender based work for the business savvy. Our home cleaning franchises lend themselves to growing a team of staff, or simply working to your own pace – we have business owners turning over thousands weekly in their home cleaning franchises.

Want more info on our home cleaning franchises? Get it ‘here’.

Lawn Mowing & Garden Care Franchise

Never be stuck in an office again! Work outdoors and let your business keep you fit. There’s just something inherently satisfying about a neatly mown and edged lawn! If you get a kick out of this, then why not turn it into your business, and generate your income on your own terms.

Demand for lawn mowing and garden maintenance services throughout Sydney is incredible strong, and we desperately need service providers throughout Sydney to service the requests we receive.

Never be stuck in an office again! Work outdoors and let your business keep you fit. There’s just something inherently satisfying about a neatly mown and edged lawn! If you get a kick out of this, then why not turn it into your business, and generate your income on your own terms.

Want more info on our lawn mowing franchises? Get it ‘here’.

Window & Pressure Cleaning Franchise

It’s amazing the difference clean windows and a freshly pressure washed driveway or patio can make to a house. Many of our franchisees offering this service do so in preparing the clients home for sale, or as an annual ‘freshen up’ to keep their homes clean and tidy and looking their best for longer. The big positive with this business model… the high-pressure cleaner does most of the hard work for you! So you get the dramatic before and afters, without the elbow grease! 

Want more info on our window and pressure cleaning franchises? 

Get it ‘here’.

Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control

Ever get a little mesmerised watching carpet cleaning before and after videos on social media? Why not turn it into your business! Our carpet cleaning franchisees are kept busiest when they are savvy networkers; able to build positive long term referral based relationships with real estate agents, commercial clients, hotels and other independent bond or end of lease specialist cleaners.  

Want more info on our carpet cleaning franchises? Get it ‘here’.

Pet Grooming Franchise

Our pet grooming franchisees love their work! We offer pet washing, clipping and plenty of snuggles with our furry clients! It’s astounding the volume of enquiry we receive for pet grooming that we cannot service because we don’t have the franchisees, and the ones we do have, are at full capacity and cant take on many new clients.

Want more info on our per grooming franchises? Get it ‘here’.

Mobile Car Cleaning Franchise

Loads of opportunity awaits in a mobile car cleaning franchise. Change your scenery everyday as you travel to your clients, target corporate clients and businesses where you can wash several cars at once. Specialise in detailing services or the classics to capture another end of the market if you wish, or stick to the basics and get savvy about targeting bulk customers. Our services include wash and chamois, interior cleaning, vacuuming, spot treatment, deodorising and more!

Want more info on our mobile car cleaning franchises? Get it ‘here’.

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