Window & Outdoor Pressure Cleaning Franchise

James Home Services window cleaning franchises offer a variety of outdoor tasks to keep you physically active and changing up what you do every day. From window cleaning and exterior house cleaning to outdoor pressure washing including driveways, paths, patios and other hard surfaces.


Do you ever get caught watching time-lapse videos on social media of pressure cleaning neglected outdoor areas? How incredibly satisfying are they! What if you could get that satisfaction out of your every day job?
No experience required to start your window cleaning franchise; turn your everyday skills into a successful business that puts you back in control of your time, your income and your work/life balance.
Get access to full training and ongoing support including our charge out guide and pricing calculator to help you get profitable in your window cleaning business.

Build the Ultimate Window Cleaning Franchise

Getting into business for yourself can be daunting. But self-employment is a great option that puts you back in control, and allows you to earn an income dictated by you – why not do it with the support and backing of James Home Services. Our 30 years of experience gives you a head start over your competition!

James Home Services window and outdoor pressure cleaning franchises give you flexibility to structure your day how you wish, work with corporate clients or residential clients, undertake agency work and build relationships with coordinators for added certainty to your income.

If you enjoy the outdoors, and working at a pace you set – then we can get you started in your own window cleaning franchise.

Our businesses are also designed to scale – so, if you’re more of a ‘business developer’; then why not employ staff to do the work, and take the role of building your customer base to whatever level you want.

What Are the Benefits of James Window Cleaning Franchise?


For a secure and stable business.


When we send you a lead, it’s yours! Free! Meaning you only ever pay franchise fees on the work you actually complete.


To get you running your business, like a pro and window cleaning and pressure washing like you’ve been in the game for a decade already


Available to you as much, or as little as you want


To get you customers, faster!


To support you along the way and to learn from


To ensure your business is compliant and you, your staff and your customers go home safe every night!


Grow a team or work on your own. You’re in
control, so it’s up to you.

How Much Does a James Window & Outdoor Pressure Cleaning Franchise Cost?

The question everyone wants to know…

A James Home Services Window & Outdoor Pressure cleaning business costs $31,500 + GST

And we offer pay-as-you go options, which means you can pay for your business, as you’re generating an income from it! Payments are weekly, and can be as little as $100 per week!

When it comes to equipment and support, we don’t cut corners.

The equipment kit we provide is high quality equipment that will last, and that will make the job you do easier and more efficient.
The support we give you is ‘all-in’. We’re your personal business coach and are available to you as much or as little as you want.
Included in that price is EVERYTHING you need to get started – you won’t find yourself at Bunnings in the first week ‘topping’ up because you need additional equipment to get the job done.

Other Inclusions

Dedicated marketing to kick-start your business

Business management software
to save you HOURS of admin work

Help to get your choice of accounting software set up

Business cards, brochures, uniforms – everything you need to stand out as a professional in your field

Endless resources – for marketing, Workplace Health & Safety, employing staff, becoming NDIS registered and more.


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