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5 reasons why buying a cleaning franchise is a really savvy decision! 

We could list tens of reasons why buying a cleaning franchise is a really smart business decision. But if you’re thinking about making the jump into business ownership, then there’s probably already an overwhelming amount of information swirling around your head that you’re trying to weight up.  

So, here’s our top five reasons, short sharp and to the point, as to why buying a cleaning franchise is a really smart business decision! 

Cleaning work is reoccurring 

Close to 90% of the cleaning work our network delivers is reoccurring work. What do we mean by that? Well, that the customer is serviced weekly, fortnightly or monthly. So when you book a job, your not just booking a single job… you might actually be booking one job every fortnight going forward. It ads up quickly. Think about it like this… you win a quote with a new customer for a clean worth $160. If you do a really excellent job, then your likely to be able to turn that single job into a fortnightly job. Now, instead of that customer being worth $160 to you, over the next 12 months, they’re worth almost $4,000. That income is pretty reliable, and as a new business owner, having jobs booked in advance can give you confidence about the income in your business. 

Cleaning work is replenishing 

Don’t we all know this! We spend hours cleaning the house from top to toe, and then the kids come home and in two second flat, it looks like a cyclone has been through and turned the entire house back on its head! It’s a frustration of just about everyone… but for professional cleaners it means ongoing work! Cleaning work is replenishing. If you deliver a cleaning service for a customer once, then odds on, they will probably require your services again!  

Demand is increasing 

We can’t keep up. At present, we can’t service all the enquiries our network receives. Even franchisees new to our network are finding that just a little bit of marketing in their area instantly drives customers to their business. There is more and more funding and support from Government agencies for the elderly or disabled to assist them to stay living in their home comfortably, and that means more demand on cleaners. The bonus that comes with strong demand, is that customers are willing to pay a premium price for a quality cleaning professional. So often we hear that customers cannot find a cleaner who has additional capacity to fit more clients in; so when they do find one, they are prepared to pay fairly for a professional service.  

Buying a cleaning franchise gives you a running start 

Starting a business from scratch is daunting. If you’re looking for a way to get your own business started, but in an accelerated fashion, and without the headaches and the slog of doing it yourself, then buying a franchise is an option you should consider. We train you, we organise your equipment, we have a software system to manage your business for you, we set you up with business cards and flyers that are personalised to you, you have the benefit of our national brand presence from day one and we also market your business to accelerate your start-up.  

Buying a cleaning franchise means you always have someone to turn to for support and assistance  

When you start a business on your own, you really are on your own. Maybe you have friends and family you can turn to for support. But when you buy a cleaning franchise in the James Home Services network you get unlimited access to our entire Head Office team to help drive your business, support you, and to help you reach your business goals. You’re never alone. There is someone to help you with business growth, someone to help with marketing, someone to help with everyday ‘how should I do this’ questions, we help with insurance, and ensuring your compliant with all the legislation that applies to small business owners. No matter what the question, or the stress your feeling, our role is to make your journey as a business owner smoother!  

So, there you have it, our top five reasons why buying a cleaning franchise is actually an incredibly savvy business decision! 

And if you think that buying a franchise is out of reach because of the traditional upfront financial commitment… then you might be interested in our subscription model! Start your own cleaning business from as little as $100 + GST per week, and more flexibility that ever before! 

Why not reach out for a chat. Completely obligation free, no sales tactics and no pressure. We know that buying a business is a huge decision, and we’re always happy to chat about our network and what we offer. Just submit an enquiry and one of our team will contact you for a conversation.  

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