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Why choose James to start your business

Be warned, this article is not like the rest of the ‘why you should choose us’ articles on the internet.

We’re not about to sell you our ‘benefits’, or tell you how wonderful we are. We’re not about to come up with five pretty cushy reasons to choose us. Nope. We’re about to do none of that.

These reasons to choose us, have not been chosen by us. They have been chosen, by people exactly like you!

These are the most common pieces of feedback we get from people enquiring with us to join our network or who HAVE joined our network and are new franchisees.

This, is why they choose us.

  1. You’re different. The subscription model makes it possible
  2. The information was easy to find
  3. You answered all our questions, honestly
  4. We never felt like a number
  5. We could see that the support being promised, was real
  6. You were real people – no sales tactics and no pressure

You’re different. The subscription model makes it possible

You know how everybody tells you they’re different from everybody else in the market? We’ve heard it all before, right?!

Well, we are actually different… and here’s the proof. We are the FIRST, and the ONLY franchise network in Australian (and indeed, we believe the world) offering a subscription to starting your own business. We won’t charge you $30K upfront to start your own business, we won’t even charge you $10K upfront to start your own business. Nope. You can start your business from just $1K upfront, and weekly subscription fees from $100 + GST. We’re not even kidding! Here’s where to find more information about this completely unique offering that CAN’T be found anywhere else!!!

The information was easy to find.

There are no secrets about our businesses. If you want access to information about how we work, the price, our model, our fees, real stories from new franchisees in our network, how our territories work… no problem… its all available online! Some networks believe in ‘hooking’ you first, then, and only then, sharing information with you. We think that’s a rubbish approach. How are you meant to know if this is for you, if you can’t find any information about what we offer? So, here’s a few places you might like to look… if you’re after more info…

Subscription Model 


YouTube channel 

Information Pack 

Access to recorded webinar 


You answered all our questions, honestly

This one’s a no brainer for us; we are honest and straight up about what being a James business owner is like. You ask us a question, we’ll answer it, as frankly as we can. We don’t like wasting people’s time and there’s pros and cons of a owning a franchise, that everyone needs to weight up for themselves (read about some of the common ones here)

We are often told by people enquiring with us, that they were surprised at how open we were, and how much information we shared, right from the early stages of our process; apparently this isn’t always the case with other enquiries they had made elsewhere.

We never felt like a number

Another piece of feedback we’re exceptionally proud of!

We actually care about you! We ask a lot of questions. About you, your family, your circumstances, your financial situation, your financial goals, your business goals, why a franchise… and a lot more. Not because we’re sticky beaks, but because we genuinely want you to be successful as a business owner within our network, and having an understanding of who you are and what has led you to this point, gives us a good idea of whether we’re going to be a good fit for your goals.

Sometimes, a franchise business is not the best option for someone, and if we see that, we’ll let them know we don’t think it’s a good fit, before they dive in.

We could see the support being promised, was real

Someone once told us that they’d asked one of our competitors to explain how they’d help a new franchisee to grow their business… and that they couldn’t answer the question. That instead of demonstrating their process for getting a new business owner started, or introducing the new business owner to the person that would be their ‘business coach’; they provide a lack lustre response of ‘we’ll support you however you need’.

That’s all well and good to have an on-demand support system – but ours is a little different.

Our support is proactive. We anticipate the level of support you’ll need, and we’re a step ahead of you in how we deliver that. We have a 10 Step lead generation strategy for your business to get you customers, fast! We have systemised training that focuses on the fundamentals of how to win work, and run your business. We have tools, spreadsheets, online training and resources at your fingertips… and we have a defined business coaching strategy… as well as trigger points and a dedicated strategy for how to help you if its not going so well.

Oh, and by the way, you also have TWO people who are your biggest secret weapons in your business… your dedicated Business Coach and your Franchise Support Coordinator.

You were real people – no sales tactics and no pressure

Sales tactics are so 2010! We don’t bother. We know your smarter than that, and you’ll see straight through them in a flash.

We also don’t believe in pressure. See, it’s simple, if you don’t want to join our network, then that’s ok! We don’t want to pressure you into making a decision that’s not right for you – because that ends in a headache for both of us, and no one needs that.

For us, we’re not chasing wildly big numbers of sales for the sake of it. Not a single person in our organisation is paid a bonus for making a sale. Instead, we only want people who are genuinely committed to being their own business owner, to join our network. We want people who are so excited, and so ready for this next chapter and the opportunity it will bring, that they’re prepared to work really hard, alongside us, to make that a reality.

So, there you have it. The very REAL reasons people choose to join James. These are not made up; these have come directly from the very people in your shoes; who are enquiring with us as their partners in business ownership.

If you’re on the fence, and just want to have a chat with someone about it… then why not get in touch! No sales tactics, and no pressure; just honest answers to your questions. We promise!

More Information on subscribing to your own business

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