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How we get your business started! 

Well, we’ve become experts in it! In our 30 years of history, we’ve started hundreds upon hundreds of interior cleaning businesses and lawn mowing and garden maintenance businesses.  

And it’s not a word of a lie when I tell you, we have this down to a fine art! We have a ‘business start-up’ list… and it includes close to 80 tasks that we complete between the time you sign your Franchise Agreement and you commence trading in your business, just to get your business up and off the ground. 

So let’s take a look at what that process looks like for us, to give you an idea of just what lengths we go to to get your business off to a flying start. 

We organise all the equipment you need to run your business! 

We have a list of the equipment, products and uniform items you’ll need… and we organise it all for you. We source high quality items and arrange to have them delivered to your door in time for your training. This includes everything from the equipment you’ll need to do the job, down to the right size shirts in our uniform kit to have you looking the part from day one.  

We organise your training. 

There are two types of training you attend before commencing in your business. First, our business training where we teach you how to run your business. This is three days jam packed with the key steps to follow in our network, to be successful. We generally train in small groups and hold a session each month, in a location central for the participants. We organise everything – all you need to do is turn up and be ready to take it all in! The second part to your training is the practical training. This is where you learn your trade – either cleaning or lawn mowing and where you get a chance to put the theory from your business training into practice on the job. We find that learning on the job is far better than sitting in a room just learning the theory – so your practical training is working alongside one of our existing business owners for one week in their business, and they train you throughout the week. We set the agenda for your training to ensure you’re covering everything you need to know to get your business started, and we organise it all for you.   

We get your marketing assets in order! 

One of the biggest advantages of joining a franchise network is the brand and marketing that goes with it. You have instant access to our brand credibility and reputation as a quality service provider in the market. We also design custom business cards and flyers for your business… and have them delivered to your door. We also arrange for your car to be signed in our signature James vehicle branding so you stand out. We also get to work creating you custom graphics that can be used across social media and your Google Business Profile (which we also set up for you), and we organise a targeted digital marketing campaign in your area to drive customer enquiry to your business! 

We set you up in our systems, and create you a business management portal. 

We create you your own business management software within our platform. This business management software is called Butler 2.0, and it will help you run your business from first enquiry through to completing and invoicing the customer for the job. It gives you a real time dashboard that displays all the important metrics about your businesses health and performance. It’s an incredibly powerful tool for you as the business owners, and it enables us to easily work alongside you on improving the performance of your business as you grow. There’s no guess work in figuring out how to get your business to the next level – our software gives us the information we need to map out a growth plan with you.  

We help you with all the things we need you to do. 

And then there’s all the things we can’t do for you, that still need to happen in order for you to start trading in your business… things like getting your First Aid Certificate, applying for an ABN, registering your business name, setting up your business bank accounts and your accounting software, organising insurance and wrapping your head around things like GST, BAS and eventually, becoming an employer. We don’t leave you on your own with these tasks. We prompt you when the right time to complete them is, and we give you information about where to go and what you need to do to complete each one. And, we’ll remind you if you’ve forgotten to tick something off your list. 

Phew! That’s A LOT of things to get on-top of, before you’ve even got your first client!   

If you’re looking for a way to accelerate your business start-up, and take the guess work out of your ‘to-do’ list to get your business off the ground… then talk to us about how we can make the process quicker than tackling it on your own… and without the headaches!  

Submit an enquiry and let one of our team answer all your questions and kick start your journey to business owner.  

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