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5 reasons why you should consider a professional cleaner

It used to be considered a luxury, few could afford. But today, having a weekly or fortnightly cleaner is commonplace. Someone who comes regularly, and leaves your home sparkling… or just tidies, dusts and vacuums to make tackling the rest yourself, seem just that little bit more manageable.

So why is everyone opting for a professional cleaner?

We’ve seen a steady ramp of demand for regular cleaning services over the last decade in the home services sector, but COVID certainly saw that demand rapidly intensify. Why? Well, so many of our customers reaching out post COVID were so sick and tired of being limited to the four walls of their homes during lockdowns, that staying in to clean and maintain the home was suddenly reordered on the list of priorities for their time. COVID forced many of us to revisit the things that are most important to us; it was cause for genuine reflection on how we value the precious time we have.

And overwhelmingly, many of us are now more actively choosing to spend that time with the people we love, doing the things we love, over the things in life that don’t serve our happiness in quite the same way.

So here’s our five reasons why you should consider a professional cleaner…

1. Timesaving

Imagine you spend 3 hours each week cleaning your home… that’s almost an entire week every single year that you spend on cleaning… doesn’t sound much… until you consider how many years of cleaning your home you have ahead of you. Having a cleaner, very literally gives you time back in your week for other important things. Every time your cleaner visits, they are handing you hours back in your life!

2. Stress-free

The last thing any of us want to have to do after a long day at work, is come home and clean the house. Cleaning is a never ending to do list, that grows in magnitude every time we put it off a little. Having the help of a professional, can take that added stress of your shoulders!

3. Cost effective

How many cleaning products do you have stored in that cupboard in your kitchen or laundry? Most households have enough to sink the titanic, and a different product for just about every application we can think of. In reality, this all costs money, and sometimes, we purchase products hoping they will work and when they don’t give us the immediate results we’re looking for, they go back in the cupboard never to be touched again. Save your money on this stockpile of products… and let your professional cleaner bring only what they need and what they know to work effectively.

4. Their expertise

Don’t waste your time trying to figure out the best way to clean your oven, or your grout, or how to get that mark off your wall… leave it to the professionals. They are trained, experienced, and practically ninjas when it comes to grime! They have the right tools, the right products and the right know-how to make what most of us would spend a volume of time trying to clean, look easy.

5. For the cleaning fanatics…

If as you’ve read this article, you’ve disagreed with each point above because actually, you love cleaning… then you’re one of us! Have you ever considered owning your own Interior Cleaning business? James Home Services Australia have launched a new subscription model, where you can be your own boss from just $100 p/w and with all the training and support to have you cleaning and running your business like a professional.

To find your local cleaner or become one, visit:

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