Turn your everyday skills into a successful business that puts you back in control of
your time, your income and your work/life balance.
Our interior cleaning franchisees are enjoying increasing year-round demand,
without the season ups and downs that outside based services can experience. Work
indoors, at your own pace, or with a team you build around you.
Our experience is your benefit! Tap into all the tips, tricks, training, marketing and
industry know-how we’ve built to accelerate your home cleaning franchise and start
earning your own income faster!
Start your home cleaning franchise with a network that will train and support you to
create a sustained and profitable business from this growing industry.

Work your own way with a James Home Services Home Cleaning Franchise

One of the first questions we get asked by potential franchisees is ‘can I structure my
days to suit my life and my family commitments’? Yes! Yes you can.
We have home cleaning franchisees who work only school hours, so they can drop
their kids off and pick them up each day. We have franchisees who work part-time,
or who choose to work less than a full load so that can attend to other
It’s your business, it’s up to you!
Naturally, while your building your home cleaning business we recommend you work
diligently at establishing your customer base and securing reoccurring customers.
Once you’ve reached your income goals, it’s completely up to you whether you
continue to grow your business, or keep it at a level your happy and comfortable

What Are the Benefits of James Home Cleaning Franchise?

How Much Does a James Home Cleaning Franchise Cost?

The question everyone wants to know…
A James Home Services Home Cleaning business costs $26,600 + GST
And we offer pay-as-you go options, which means you can pay for your business, as
you’re generating an income from it! Payments are weekly, and can be as little as
$100 per week!
When it comes to equipment and support, we don’t cut corners.
The equipment kit we provide is high quality equipment that will last, and that will
make the job you do easier and more efficient.
The support we give you is ‘all-in’. We’re your personal business coach and are
available to you as much or as little as you want.
Included in that price is EVERYTHING you need to get started – you won’t find
yourself at Bunnings in the first week ‘topping’ up because you need additional
equipment to get the job done.
Other inclusions:

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