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As a franchisee, how many jobs will you send me?

As a franchisee, how many jobs will you send me?

Of all the questions we get asked by people researching joining a franchise network, this question is the most asked question.

And there’s a good reason for that! For most people, joining a franchise network is their first step into the world of business ownership. They’ve never started their own business from scratch before, and they will be moving from receiving a wage every week from their employer, to them being the wage generator! It’s a big step, and understandably, has most people at least a little nervous.

There’s no simple answer to the question, but, we do have a 10-point plan for how we generate leads for new franchisees, even if you’re operating in an area that doesn’t have any other James franchisees around you.

Our lead generation for new franchisees has three levels to it; tasks that Head Office undertakes on your behalf. Tasks that your Regional Manager undertakes on your behalf and tasks that we train and support you in doing for yourself.

Head Office works on things like a dedicated digital marketing strategy, in your area, for your service. We use both Facebook and Google to target a broad audience of potential customers in your area, and tell them about your new business. The ads we run, are personalised to your business, and to you, to increase the likelihood of new customers reaching out when they need your services.

Your Regional Manager works on a host of tasks behind the scenes to generate leads for your business. From the relationships we have with agencies and coordinators, to introducing you to potential customers in your area, such as aged care providers and real estate agents. Your Regional Manager will also train you and arm you with the knowledge of how to talk about your new business, and with strategies to use within your own networks to gain customers as your building your business.

We also build your business, its own home online, within our website. We set you up with a Google Business Profile (Facebook for businesses – but 10 times more powerful when used correctly!) and we teach you how to use it! We also upload content to our website that shines a spotlight on your new business and we share your business on our James Home Services Australia Facebook page too, to our large following.

And there’s also plenty you can do, and in fact, this is your business. We do a lot to generate leads for you, but there’s also a lot we empower you to do for yourself that gets your business out there and known in your local community. Even before your official training, we design your business cards and your brochures. And we teach you how to you these effectively, to convert more work! During your business training, we focus intensively on marketing strategies you can use, that other franchisees have effectively used to grow their businesses in our network. Most of these strategies cost you nothing, just your time – and it’s all about knowing the right people to build relationships with.

We also have a super simple marketing plan that you can follow, and it ensures that the work we do at Head Office and that your Regional Manager does to generate leads, is supported by some things you can do every day in your business to consolidate and amplify those efforts.

But, possibly the best way we can answer this question, is for us not to answer it at all… and let two of our new franchisees answer it for you. We recently recorded a conversation between new

Franchisees Jamie and Raffy and our Sales Manager, Justin. Jamie and Raffy both started their interior cleaning franchises recently, and in areas we didn’t already have a presence. When Justin asked them how their first couple of months in business had been… these were their responses:

Raffy – There’s a lot of work for cleaners available. It’s replenishing. You clean something, and then it gets dirty again. In the first month I had about two slower weeks. I focused on my marketing in those weeks, then I’ve basically been booked out every single day since.

Jamie – I thought things would be quite a bit slower than they actually were. I’ve picked up quite a lot of regulars. It takes a weight off your shoulders to see that work in your calendar already for the months ahead.

Raffy – It’s far exceeded my expectations, I’m making more money than I thought I could. I had a goal in mind that would be the ‘best outcome’ and it’s gone far beyond that!

So, there you go. You don’t have to take our word for it… hear it directly from two of our newest franchisees in James.

If you’re thinking about a franchise, then why not make an enquiry. We give you loads of information to help you make your decision and there’s never any obligation to continue or pressure to join our team.

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