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Meet our new business owners – Santiago and Marichelle Alfaro.

Meet our newest business owners – Marichelle & Santiago

Interior Cleaning Bexley

Santiago and Marichelle recently joined James Home Services as interior cleaners in Bexley in Sydney.

Marichelle has been working on and off as a cleaner for the past ten years and prides herself on her meticulous cleaning standards. She jokes that her OCD means that she is always providing a service that exceeds her customers’ expectations!

Santiago has worked in the gardening industry for over 20 years and has taken time out over the years to assist Marichelle with her cleaning business.

With a young family, the couple made the decision to join James Home Services to focus their efforts on their cleaning business. Wanting to expand their business and make it a full-time family business for both of them to work in, they decided that James Home Services was the way to go. With the full support they needed to grow, they were attracted with the prospect of having all the marketing, business, and administrative assistance that a franchise network can provide.

Marichelle and Santiago have been able to build strong customer relationships by providing the best possible service to their customers and going the extra mile to ensure that their customer’s needs are satisfied. For this reason, they have a base of long-term customers who have remained loyal to their professional service and standards.

Welcome to the James family Marichelle and Santiago. We look forward to supporting you and your family as you build your business and continue to deliver cleaning services to an exceptionally high standard.

All our business owners are local to their areas and own their own businesses, supporting their local businesses and communities. They receive the support and backing of a successful national network.

Here’s how you can contact Marichelle for a discussion about your interior cleaning needs, and a free, no obligation quote:

Contact Marichelle Directly on 0450 396 624

Contact our Call Centre on 1800 152 637 and they will send Marichelle a call back request.

Submit a quote request here and Marichelle will contact you directly.

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