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Team chat – Starting a franchise with James Home Services

Hear about the experience of two of our newest business owners.  

It’s easy for us to tell you what starting a business in our network is like. It’s easy for us to tell you about the training and support, the marketing, the work available and all the reasons why joining a franchise network can be a really savvy decision… but, we know, that what actually bears more weight, is hearing it directly from someone doing it.  

So, our Director of Sales, Justin Kelly recently sat down with two of our new business owners to talk about what their experience starting a franchise has been.  

Jamie owns our James Home Services Interior Cleaning – Tweed Heads South franchise, and Raffy owns our James Home Services Interior Cleaning – Newcastle CBD franchise.  

Justin: Tell us a little about your background and what made you consider a franchise? 

Jamie – I was a chef for 16 years. I’ve worked overseas, North Queensland and the Gold Coast. I have a 2 yr old son, and our second child is on the way. I needed a break from the industry. I wanted to take care of my family and I wanted something where my hard work equalled more rewards. 

Raffy – I was studying University and had worked various sales positions. I always felt, that on a wage, you’re not rewarded if you put in the extra effort, work longer hours, give more of your time. I wanted something where if I choose to work harder, I’d see a return on that.  

Justin: What happened once you’d make that first enquiry.  

Raffy – When I put in the enquiry, I didn’t expect to hear anything. Then I received a phone call from you (Justin) and over a series of meetings and information sessions you stepped me through the process.  

Jamie – It’s scary. Especially when you have a family and people that rely on you. But within James, there’s a person there at every step. There’s someone to help with accounting, someone to coach you in your business, someone to help with training, someone to help you with the practical tasks of being a cleaner. There’s always someone I can call.  

Justin: How has the first few months in business been?  

Raffy – There’s a lot of work for cleaners available. It’s replenishing. You clean something, and then it gets dirty again. In the first month I had about two slower weeks. I focused on my marketing in those weeks, then I’ve basically been booked out every single day since. 

Jamie – I thought things would be quite a bit slower than they actually were. I’ve picked up quite a lot of regulars. It takes a weight off your shoulders to see that work in your calendar already for the months ahead.  

Raffy – It’s far exceeded my expectations, I’m making more money than I thought I could. I had a goal in mind that would be the ‘best outcome’ and it’s gone far beyond that! 

Justin: What have you learnt since starting your business with James? 

Jamie – How to clean! I’m going to continue to learn. People management, learning how to talk to people, communicate with customers. In training they teach you clear communication, and it really does work. Within the first two weeks I was already confident ringing people, organising quotes and talking to customers.  

Raffy – I’ve learnt a lot about business. I thought I knew a lot about business, but then you do it, and that’s when you realise all the extra things you didn’t know. How to quote, assess a job, understanding how long jobs are going to take. It’s increased my people management skills. There’s actually too much to list; so many things I’ve learnt from doing this and that will be valuable in whatever I do in the future.  

Justin: How has the support for James Home Services, and your Regional Manager been? 

Jamie – The support has been absolutely amazing. I speak to my Regional Manager 2-3 times per week. There’s someone who helps me when I have questions about bookkeeping and accounting, and I still speak to the sales manager once a week too. The training has given me the confidence to step out and do this. One of the reasons I wanted to join a franchise, was the help. I’ve run kitchens before, but never my own business. It’s scary, but that’s the reason why you have people in place to help you along the journey. The next closest James team member is 2-3 hours away from me, but I don’t feel alone. People are only a phone call away. 

Raffy – The support has met my expectations; I definitely haven’t ever felt left in the dark or on my own. There’s constant support from my Regional Manager. I definitely feel like there’s a lot of support. Head Office also send extra work. If I’m quiet, they’re out searching for me to get work in the background as well as me doing my own marketing. 

Justin: How have you found the supplied equipment? Did you have everything you needed?  

Jamie – The sign writing on the car is awesome. Everyone knows my car around the area now. Everything is really high quality.  

Raffy – To get started, I had more than enough. You learn what works for you as you build your experience.  

Justin: How’s the income been? 

Raffy – I’ve gone from making $1,500 per week to upward of $3,000. It rewardings to put in the labour and get rewarded for all of it.  

Jamie – Each week we’ve been doing around $1,500 – $2k per week. If you want to take the extra job at the end of the day you can, because you know you’re going to be rewarded for that. I can see the weekly income generating into the future. I pay all my expenses from this business. The skies the limit, I can definitely see the potential for growth. 

Justin: Has subscribing to a James business been a good decision? 

Jamie – Absolutely. I’m home every morning, I get to see my son before I go to work. If my customers are willing, I book all my jobs in before midday, then I can be home for lunch. I could never do this when I worked for someone else.   

Raffy – 100%, this has been a great decision. No doubt about it. 

Jamie – Definitely. I don’t think I’d ever go back to what I was doing. I’d like to say I’ll be with James until I’m old. 

Justin: For anyone out there on the fence; whose seen our subscription model, but aren’t quite sure, or think it sounds ‘too good to be true’… what would you say to them? 

Raffy – You’d be foolish not to do it. All your equipment is provided. All your training is provided.  

Jamie – At first, I was hesitant myself. I didn’t think it was a scam, but I did wonder what the catch was. But, there is no catch. The better you do, the better James does. They want you to succeed. Everything is told to you upfront. Everything is transparent, everything is out in the open and clear.  

Raffy – People are going to be hesitant. But after talking to James Home Services, I got the feeling this was a very genuine offer. This is not a scam. Everything is clear cut, the Franchise Agreement is clear; it’s all written out for you to read.  

Raffy – This sort of business can be successful anywhere, if you have the drive and motivation, the whole James team support you and back you. Success in a James business is not geographical. It works anywhere if you’re prepared to put the work in.  

Raffy – If you’re considering it, do it. This has been a great decision for me financially and educationally. To not take the opportunity, you’d be missing out. 

Jamie – The first step is the hardest, it’s scary. Enquire, and just talk to the James team. You don’t have jump in. I’m very glad I’ve done this. No boss. I work the hours I want, I can book Christmas off, be home for my family and I’m still making more money that I was before.  

Thankyou Raffy and Jamie for being willing to be so open in a conversation with Justin about your experience with the James Home Services network, and for allowing us to publish that conversation for others to be able to read. We really appreciate it, and the contribution you are both making to our vibrant network is exceptional! We love having you both part of the James family, and it’s incredible to watch your businesses grow, and also know that your business is fitting in with your lifestyle and allowing you to spend your time where you want to.  

If you’ve been thinking about a franchise, why not start with just a simple conversation with one of our team. No pressure, no sales tactics and no obligation, just a chat so we can answer some of your questions and share more information with you. Submit an enquiry and one of our team to give you a call! 

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