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What will I earn as a cleaning franchisee?

What will I earn as a cleaning franchisee with James Home Services?

The question everyone wants the answer to. How much will I earn?

Can I make money as a cleaning franchisee? What is the turnover of a cleaning business?

There isn’t a person that enquires with us about a franchise, and doesn’t ask this question. And you should be asking this question. It’s super important you understand the financial potential of your decision. However, we can’t answer it for you. And in this article, we’re going to be completely honest about why.

Yep, you read that right. We can’t actually tell you how much you might earn. We can’t even hint.

Not because we’re trying to be coy, or frustrate you, or be dishonest. Nope, the reason why we can’t tell you is something completely different.

The franchising industry is regulated by Government. In simple terms, what that means, is that there are a set of rules that Government have developed for us that we must abide by. There is a document called the ‘Franchise Code of Conduct’. This document sets out those rules and guides how we must operate as Franchisors.

Why do we have a rule book? Well, because the Government felt it important to set guidelines for how franchise networks do business. It sets standards of practice that protect the franchisee, ensure the network is operating fairly toward the franchisee and evens the playing field between a larger company (the franchise network) and individual business owners (the franchisee). The ultimate goal of The Franchising Code of Conduct is to protect franchisees.

But what does this have to do with us not being able to tell you what you can earn in a cleaning franchise?

Well, there’s a section in the Code of Conduct that stipulates that Franchisors must not make any representations to potential franchisees about the earning potential, or the potential for success as a business owner within the franchise network.

What does this mean in practice? It means we are prohibited by law, from telling you what you could earn as a cleaning franchisee.

Why does this rule exist? In simple terms, it’s to prevent franchise networks from telling people they could earn x-amount as a business owner, when maybe that’s not true, or it’s only true for the minority of business owners in the network, or it’s dependent on some specific business operating conditions or factors.

Because if a franchisee makes their decision to enter the network based on the amount they are told they would earn, if that isn’t then a reality for them, what they are actually earning may not be enough for them to pay their mortgage or maintain their other expenses and it may result in the franchisee being placed in a tricky financial position.

So, to avoid this, we can’t make any representation to you about what you might earn.

However… it’s critical you can plan in your business and that you have some idea of what you might be able to earn.

That’s why we introduce you to some of our existing franchisees in our network… and you CAN ask them what they earn, and they are allowed to tell you.

We also have lots of resources, templates and planning guides to help you budget and forecast what you might earn in one of our businesses so that you can form your own opinion as to whether one of our cleaning franchises is the right choice for you and your family.

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