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Storm season ready

Are you ready for storm season?

Australia is no stranger to severe and unpredictable weather events. From cyclones to floods, bushfires to thunderstorms weather events cause millions of dollars of damage to properties every year. As storm season rapidly approaches, now is the perfect time to ensure your property is weather ready.   

Here are four things we can help you with to get your home ready this storm season.  

General Garden Tidy  

Regular yard maintenance is not only helpful for keeping your property looking fantastic but can also be a useful tool in being storm prepared. It is amazing what we find strewn around undermaintained properties on storm clean up jobs. Those long forgotten garden gnomes hidden in the depths of an overgrown shrub can become a dangerous missile in extreme weather. A general garden tidy will enable you to easily identify objects that may become a hazard during a weather event and gives you the option to secure or store in an alternative location if needed.  

Trimming of trees, branches  

Overgrown trees and branches can impact your property in several ways during storms. From falling on power lines to falling into your house or onto your car, trees and branches can cause significant damage. Regular trimming & clearing of branches from your yard can mitigate these issues and keep your property safe during a storm.  

Garden Rubbish Removal  

Keeping your garden and trees in tip top shape can result in a large piles of garden debris that can be challenging to relocate to an appropriate waste transfer station. If you don’t have the ability to remove the garden rubbish from your property, we can tailor this service to suit your needs.  

Clean out gutters & downpipes  

Did you know that water can enter the structure of your home through blocked gutters and downpipes?  Water damage from blocked gutters can cause significant damage and result in costly repairs. Regular cleaning of the exterior of your home is recommended for fire safety reasons and to help prevent leaks, especially if your home is situated close to any large trees.  

Being prepared for storm season may take a little planning but is much easier to manage when you are not trying to complete these tasks with a weather event bearing down on your property and can help to avoid costly repair bills. 

Our Lawn Mowing & Garden Care & Window & Exterior House Cleaning teams offer a range of regular or one off services that can be tailored to suit your needs.  Get in touch today!

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