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Franchisee Stories – Ramon & Leona

Windows & Exterior House Cleaning – Oxenford, QLD

For Ramon & Leona life was getting very tiring working for other bosses.  If you were to ask them why they got into their own business the first thing they would say is – “it was time to be my own boss!”.

Whilst busy working in warehousing and distribution life had become dull and mundane, full of the same routines.  It was time for a change.  Ramon says;

“I choose James Home Services after looking around at other companies, because I would receive coaching and training on how to start and run my own business, along with advertising and marketing tips.” The practical training in how to operate my business was also a big drawcard.

For the Milne’s there were all the normal scary thoughts to work through;

  • Could I get a loan for my business?
  • Am I doing the right thing?
  • Can I actually do this?

But with the training and support behind them, they applied themselves to the James Home Services Eight Steps business model and quickly grew a strong business – underpinned by delivering the James Gold Medal Service.

When asked what they enjoy the most about their business their reply was;

“Having the freedom to do what we want.  For the first time in our lives, we don’t have to worry about finances!  Our business has helped us to achieve financial freedom and provide a service that people appreciate! AND if we work hard during the week, the weekends are ours!”

“The most enjoyable aspect for us, is meeting new people every day. Especially the Department of Veteran Affairs clients, who tell us their stories.” Ramon also served in the Defence Forces, so serving these clients is very special to him, and they enjoy learning he is ‘one of them’.  

Congratulation Ramon & Leona on the business you have built.  Your customers love your work, and we appreciate the vibrant contribution you make to our James Home Services network!

If this story has you thinking about starting your own business, why not get in touch!

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