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How much does a cleaning franchise cost?

How much does a cleaning franchise cost? Not as much as you think… when you Subscribe with James!

If you’ve landed here wanting to find out how much it costs to buy a cleaning franchise… then you’re in the right place! Welcome!

But we think you might be pleasantly surprised to find out, that it doesn’t have to cost as much as you might think!

We recently launched a subscription offering to start your own business with James Home Services. Our most popular businesses to start are interior cleaning and lawn mowing franchises. Traditionally, a cleaning or mowing franchise costs anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000. But we know how difficult it is to find that kind of money these days.

So, we’re making business ownership more affordable and more accessible than ever before in Australia and here’s how it works… instead of purchasing your business upfront, now, you can subscribe!


Contact us, or make an enquiry and we’ll contact you! We are real people at the end of your enquiry, so when you reach out, you can expect a phone call from one of our team to share a little more info about our network and to give you an opportunity to ask some questions. We promise, no pressure, no sales tactics, no industry-talk. Just a down to earth conversation about our businesses.


If you’re interested to learn more, then we will arrange a time that suits you for what we call an Information Session. We provide a thorough overview of our businesses, our network, the opportunities, what we look for in our business owners and all the details about franchise fees, gaining customers and growing your business. We ask you lots of questions too – because we’re looking to ensure we are a good fit for your business goals. We also give you an opportunity to meet existing franchisees in our network – you can ask them any questions you like, and they’ll give you their honest answers. We give you time to consider all the information we share with you. We don’t pressure. We don’t have sales targets and our franchise sales team don’t work on commission. Then, we’ll send you a draft of your Franchise Agreement so you can begin to review it, or take it to your business, accounting or legal professional to have them review it too.


When you decide to go ahead, we get started immediately on setting up your business. We let you know the things you need to do, and there’s lots we help you with, or we take care of for you. We get ready to market your business, we set up your business management software, we start looking for customers for you and we get all your signage, brochures and business cards ready. We book in when we’ll train you and together, we get your business rolling. Once you’re started in your business, your subscription fees are payable weekly. Simple!

More Information on subscribing to your own business

Want to speak to a real person about joining our network? Get in touch directly with our National Director of Sales; Justin Kelly on 0438 780 363

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