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Is a franchise for me?

Owning a franchise isn’t for everyone.

Maybe you think it odd that a franchise network, which surely wants to sell as many franchises as possible, would make that statement so overtly.

But for us, it’s a reality. And identifying the right ‘fit’ early in our sales process is critical to ensure you don’t wind up in something you’re not suited to, and that we don’t wind up with an unhappy franchisee.

A franchise network provides you a fast-tracked start-up phase for your business and ongoing support and training over your term.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most critical things you should consider when deciding if a franchise will work for you.

Help when you want it

In a franchise network, the whole idea is that you’re supported. You’re not on your own. During the purchasing process, you work one-on-one with one of our business development team. Then, you receive one-on-one business management training AND one-on-one practical training. Once your operational, your Regional Manager is your dedicated business coach and mentor. When you need help – it’s there!

Systems and processes

Our systems and processes are what you’re buying. When you own a franchise, you must follow the systems and processes of that network. The reason we can deliver all the support and help you might need, is because we are helping people with essentially the same queries, concerns or challenges. Because we standardise, we can optimise our time and resources accordingly. Whilst we see this as a huge advantage to our business owners, if you’re fiercely independent or not typically a system-follower, then it’s likely a franchise network isn’t the best fit for you.   


When you’re an independent small business owner, you’re only accountable to yourself. When you own a business within a franchise network, you must work within the network and the parameters of your Franchise Agreement. That means, we’ll help you to uphold our standard of service and business operation, because it’s in our best interests that the businesses in our network, and for the families that rely on them, are strong, profitable and well run. This helps to strengthen the value and success of the entire network.

Branding consistency

Our brand is our second biggest asset, behind our franchisees! How we market, advertise, present and run our businesses is all a reflection of the James brand, and accordingly, we keep it the same across the entire network. We produce marketing collateral for you to use, standard business cards, our website is managed by us and so is our Facebook presence. We are always open to taking requests from franchisees for specific marketing ideas or resources to help them market their business, but we do ensure that everything in the marketplace relating to James, has been created and approved by us.

For some, the above points will probably read as a handbrake to the freedom you’d expect when you run your own business. We get it – like we said, owning a franchise isn’t for everyone.

To others, you will see these as valuable aids to you in operating a business that has been designed to be competitive, consistent and successful for the owner. For the right person, the points above don’t act as a handbrake; in fact, quite the opposite. They lay down a path for a fast-tracked business start-up, where you still have the freedom of being your own boss, but within a network of support and assistance that can help you to achieve a healthy balance of business ownership and lifestyle, sooner.

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