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Meet the Team – Jo Dowling – Client Manager

Jo is our Client Manager for James Home Services Australia. She’s a pocket rocket, a doer, a ‘let’s make it happen’ kinda woman, and we love that we have someone like Jo working directly with our customers, our franchisees and the care agencies we provide services to.

You’d be hard pressed to find someone with the breadth and depth of experience in customer service that Jo has. She worked her first customer service role at age 14 and has worked across a variety of sectors and roles since then. She’s also been a business owner herself, so has a rounded approach to everything she tackles.

Jo works directly with our customers, managing the call centre, but also works with several care agencies who coordinate aged care and disability support services. Over time, Jo has built relationships with various care coordinators from Far North QLD to New South Wales. As a result of these relationships, on average, our James Home Services business owners provide over 300 hours of services each month to those in need of the extra assistance in their home and garden.  All of this work is coordinated by Jo.  Right from initially receiving the request, to finding a great team member to quote for the works needed.  As Client Manager, Jo oversees everything for these clients from beginning to end.

When Jo isn’t coordinating care agency services or managing the call centre, she’s working directly with our franchisees to send them more leads, to follow up quotes and jobs, to check in and touch base and to see if they need any additional help from us. She shares great relationships with our franchisees and is one of the first people they often ring if they need some assistance or have a question.

In Jo’s own words… “Right now, I have the most satisfying job I could ever wish for as a Client Manager for James Home Services.  I have the privilege of matching customer requests to franchisees.  I help them to see that the investment that they made in purchasing a franchise business with James Home Services was a sound well thought out decision, whilst at the same time, help clients get the assistance that they have sought, in order to make their day brighter and easier.”

“I take pride in knowing that not only are we making a difference to the recipient of the service, but I have made a difference to the James’ family members by assisting in providing an income to them. Our franchisees know that I can be contacted at any time.  I will do my very best to match as many client requests as possible and so help in delivering our great “Gold Medal Service”.

Our business just wouldn’t run as smoothly without Jo! You can throw just about any task at her, and she takes it on with her signature ‘of course I can do that’ attitude. We are in awe of her dedication to the James family, and we love her ‘wacky Tuesday’ ideas – that so often, lead to very real improvements to the network. We think you’re irreplaceable Jo. Thanks for the incredible work you do for our network!

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