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Looking for a useful baby gift?

Give the gift of home services. 

When it comes to baby showers, it can sometimes be hard to choose the perfect gift for the parents-to-be.

There is a plethora of gadgets, gizmos and whatsits to choose from for bub and everyone you speak to will have something else that they swear the new parents NEED to have. But if you are looking for something that will be almost universally useful to parents you can’t go past the gift of home services. 

Home services like a cleaner to do a spring clean or a gardener to mow the lawns and tidy the garden can make all the difference for new parents. Having someone else come in to make sure their home is spotless and tidy will give the new parents more time to focus on the important things like cuddling with their new baby. 

Cleaning services are especially useful for new parents during the hectic first few months with a baby. Having someone come in to clean and organise the home can be a huge relief for new parents, who will be busy enough trying to navigate their new normal. 

You would have likely heard the advice ‘be sure to sleep when the baby sleeps’ which is always well intentioned, but if the new parents are people who finds peace of mind with an organised space the last thing they will want to do is sleep if the house is in shambles. Knowing that they have the option to call in a cleaning professional can really put a new parent’s mind at ease enough to take that nap. 

Keeping the lawns and gardens neat and tidy is another home service that can greatly help new parents. For the first few week’s parents are often house bound with new bubs while everyone is getting used to each other and rigid nap schedules are adhered to. Having a neat, tidy, well-kept outside space can be a lifesaver when you need to get out for some fresh air, sunshine and tummy time but not too far from the safety of the inside! 

So, if you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift, why not consider giving the gift of home services? It’s a gift that can make the transition to parenthood just a little bit easier 

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