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Meet our newest business owners – Divesh & Gwen

Meet Divesh & Gwen: The New Faces of James Home Services Interior Cleaning in West Footscray

Divesh and Gwen, the dynamic duo behind James Home Services Interior Cleaning in West Footscray, bring a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the home cleaning industry. Their journey to becoming business owners is a testament to their diverse professional backgrounds and their shared desire for a new challenge.

Divesh’s career spans various industries, predominantly in Sales and Operations. His journey began in New Zealand, where he held Operational Management roles for a major supermarket chain and an internationally renowned duty-free chain. His initial foray into sales was with a leading Indian newspaper, selling advertising space in the classifieds.

In more recent years, Divesh shifted his focus to Educational Recruitment, working in various sales and operational roles for large universities and local privately owned colleges, both in New Zealand and abroad. This extensive experience has honed his customer service skills and operational expertise, crucial for running a successful cleaning business.

Gwen’s professional journey is equally impressive. She spent nearly two decades in medical laboratories, progressing from a laboratory assistant to managing specialized teams of medical professionals and mobile phlebotomists. Her roles involved coordinating collections, pickups, and delivery schedules, requiring impeccable organizational skills and attention to detail.

After her time in the medical field, Gwen fostered children for child welfare services in New Zealand, showcasing her compassion and dedication. She also had a brief stint in Educational Recruitment as an Administration Manager, further diversifying her skill set.

For Divesh, the motivation to start a business was driven by a desire for a complete career change and the freedom to be his own boss.

Gwen and Divesh had been exploring business opportunities together, and their initial experience with cleaning services in Australia revealed a shared enjoyment for the work. The comprehensive support from James Home Services, including business coaching, training, and the necessary equipment, made the decision easier. The subscription model was a significant advantage, enabling them to start their business without a hefty initial outlay.

Divesh and Gwen are committed to delivering professional, high-quality services. They aim to build relationships with their clients based on trust and respect, ensuring that every customer feels valued and satisfied. Services offered include:

  • Regular house cleaning
  • Deep cleans
  • Spring cleans
  • Bond cleans
  • In home aged care cleaning
  • NDIS cleaning

Their goal is to exceed customer expectations with every service, making clients feel important and happy.

In their leisure time, Divesh enjoys spending time with Gwen and their pets, reading motivational books, and listening to podcasts featuring successful entrepreneurs. Gwen loves planning events for friends and family, including themed parties and enjoys escaping into a good book.

With their extensive backgrounds and shared vision, Divesh and Gwen are well-equipped to succeed in their new venture. Their dedication to customer service, organizational skills, and problem-solving abilities will undoubtedly serve them well as they grow their interior cleaning business in West Footscray, Yarraville, Port Melbourne, Docklands, and beyond. Welcome, Divesh and Gwen, to the James Home Services team. We look forward to celebrating your success!

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