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Meet our newest business owner – Nahom

Welcome to the owner of James Home Services Interior Cleaning – Darling Heights in Toowoomba, Nahom. Born into a multicultural family with roots in Eritrea and Egypt, Nahom’s childhood was shaped by a rich tapestry of traditions and values. From an early age, he learned the importance of hard work, integrity, and community.

Nahom’s journey led him to Australia, where he found a welcoming community in Toowoomba. Despite the challenges of adapting to a new country, Nahom’s determination and resilience never faltered.

After completing his bakery apprenticeship, Nahom sought a career with stable hours. This led him to explore the opportunity of business ownership and James Home Services aligned with his values and goals.

In his leisure time, Nahom finds joy in playing soccer in local university and community competitions. Staying fit is important to him, so he maintains a regular gym routine. Additionally, Nahom is studying investment strategies to expand his knowledge and skills.

Nahom’s life experiences have instilled in him a deep sense of compassion, and a desire to help others. He sees his business as a vehicle to provide opportunities for new Australians who struggle to find work due to language barriers.

Nahom’s vision extends beyond business success; he aims to create a positive impact in his community. By providing employment opportunities and supporting newcomers, he hopes to contribute to a more inclusive and prosperous society.

Driven by a commitment to customer satisfaction and service to the community, Nahom founded James Home Services Interior Cleaning in Darling Heights, Toowoomba. His mission was clear, to prioritize listening to clients’ needs and delivering exceptional, reliable service in all areas of cleaning including:

  • House Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Bond Cleaning
  • Pre-sale Cleaning
  • Builders Cleans
  • Regular and One Off Cleans
  • Spring Cleaning


Nahom’s business aims to improve clients’ lives by providing reliable and punctual cleaning services. By understanding each clients’ unique needs, he ensures your experience is tailored and delivered with a smile.

As Nahom looks to the future, his dedication to excellence and service remains unwavering. With each clean, each game of soccer, and each investment strategy learned, he continues to inspire those around him and build a legacy of success and compassion.

Welcome to the James Home Services Team Nahom, we look forward to celebrating your success with you as you give back time and quality of life to the residents of Toowoomba with your exceptional cleaning services.

Here’s how you can contact Nahom for a discussion about your Interior Cleaning needs, and a free, no obligation quote:

Contact our National Call Centre on 1800 152 637 and they will send him a call back request.

Submit a quote request here, and Nahom will contact you directly.

Contact Nahom direct on 0469 351 878.

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