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Franchise or Solo: Navigating the Cleaning Business Maze

So, you’re thinking about launching your own cleaning business – the dream of being your own boss, setting your own hours, and watching your enterprise flourish. Exciting, right? But… there’s a few things that have been keeping you awake at night these last few months… some hurdles you’re not sure quite how to tackle on your own.

Maybe we can help?

Here’s 9 frustrations you’re probably feeling if you’re thinking about launching a cleaning business on your own… and how we can help you overcome these!

Frustration #1: Lack of Initial Capital

Let’s face it; starting a business requires some dough. Even starting small still requires you to purchase all your equipment, a vehicle with signage, branding, a website, uniforms, marketing… doing it properly, adds up quickly. James Home Services is the only franchise network in Australia to offer a Subscription Model to purchasing your business, making it more affordable than ever before to get started. You can start your James Home Services cleaning franchise from as little as $1000 + GST upfront, and $125 + GST per week. READ MORE HERE

Frustration #2: Where do I start?

If you’ve spent the last few months asking Google ‘how to start a cleaning business?’ but you’re still a little foggy on the actual steps you need to take to make this work… then maybe a franchise might be the leg-up you need to make your goal a reality. We have a very detailed business start-up process – we have things that we guide you to to, and also an extensive list of almost 100 tasks that we complete on your behalf to get your business established. We guide you on registrations, insurance requirements, setting up bank accounts, GST and so many more things. You never have to ‘figure it out on your own’ with us. We’ve started hundreds of businesses over the years, so we’re experts in all the things that are probably making your head spin just thinking about it.

Frustration #3: Difficulty in Finding Clients

Getting clients in the door can be trickier than a Rubik’s Cube. A franchise provides a leg up in marketing, leveraging the power of a recognised brand to attract customers, making that first client conquest a tad less daunting. We also provide dedicated training to our business owners in the quickest and easiest ways to attract clients to their business. Sure, we send leads, but it’s so much more powerful when you also know how to attract customers yourself, and you’re in control of how many customers you get – rather than waiting on someone else to send them to you.

Frustration #4: Intense Competition in the Market

Standing out in a crowded market is like finding Where’s Wally in a sea of look-alikes. A franchise offers a unique advantage – the competitive edge of a well-known brand, instantly setting you apart

from the rest. There are also so many little things you can do, that will instantly set you apparat from the crowds. We get tactical, about how you run your business… and it’s all about going back to basics… returning customer calls fast, the follow up, fixed price detailed quoting and so many more, easy things we tech you to do, that all add up, and that your competitors are too lazy to do consistently!

Frustration #5: Employee Recruitment Challenges

Building a reliable team from scratch? Not a walk in the park. A franchise lends a helping hand with pre-established recruitment processes, so you can focus on leading your team, not just finding them. We have dedicated training to build your skills, when it comes to recruitment. Never hired before? No stress, we step you through the process. With all the information, templates and tricks to get the best outcome.

Frustration #6: Marketing and Advertising Hurdles

Ever feel lost in the labyrinth of advertising? A franchise not only hands you a map but also guides you through the marketing maze, making your business more visible to potential clients. We take care of all the tricky / complex / boring and costly stuff… leaving you to get super practical with on-the-ground techniques that cost you nothing, are effective, and will result in new clients to your business. We teach you our strategies, and then help you to implement; putting you in control of your marketing and your customer acquisition.

Frustration #7: Inconsistent Cash Flow

No one likes financial rollercoasters. Starting a business is almost guaranteed to be one… if… you don’t know how to manage your cashflow. We have tools in place that help you plan for and manage your cash. We teach you strategies to stay on top of your cash and your payments, and our systems are designed to make it as quick and easy as possible to invoice your customers so you can collect payment sooner. We also spend a lot of time, if you want us to, working with you to budget in your personal life, as well as your business… after all… your business is now what’s supporting your personal and living expenses, so we need to ensure that your financial goals in your business align with your financial needs in your life.

Frustration #8 Handling Customer Complaints

Dealing with unhappy clients is inevitable… or is it?! We teach you how to deliver a service standard that significantly reduces the likelihood of receiving customer complaints in the first place. It’s not rock science, in fact, quite the opposite. We just take it back to basics, and make it about consistency, integrity and a high quality of work. The biggest secret to reducing customer complaints is actually right back at the start… it’s all in your quoting! Joining our franchise network opens the door to training in quoting that reduces customer complaints, and training in communication techniques that help you manage a complaint if you do get one. You also have us to assist you manage the situation if you need!

Frustration #9: Compliance with Industry Standards

Navigating the regulatory landscape solo can feel like deciphering ancient hieroglyphics. A franchise ensures you’re on the right side of the law, keeping your business compliant and worry-free. We have check-lists for all the things you need to be registered for, and do in order to be compliant with the law. Our Business Coaches are also skilled to guide you in any queries you have. And we even remind you when you need to update a registration or insurance, or other common compliance tasks.

The Franchise Advantage

So, franchise or solo? While going it alone has its perks, a cleaning business franchise like James Home Services can be your secret weapon against these common frustrations. Think of it as having a mentor, a marketing team, and a support system all rolled into one.

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