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Subscribe to James Home Services.

Subscribe to James Home Services…

…and get your business started!

You can subscribe to just about anything these days… entertainment, beauty or self-care products, software, grocery boxes or pre-prepared meals… but have you ever thought about subscribing to your own business?

Wouldn’t we all love to ditch the office politics, the commute and the boss?

It’s part of the great Aussie dream… own your own backyard, and be your own boss.

But for most ordinary Australians starting a business is out of reach, because of the upfront capital required to get the wheels moving.

But we’re changing that!

James Home Services Australia is offering a subscription model, to owning your own business.

We noticed too many really amazing potential franchisees just couldn’t find the capital to purchase their business outright. And… that they were looking for more flexibility than a loan for finance and being locked in for years on end.

So, we took our model back to the drawing board… and asked ourselves… why wouldn’t we offer a subscription model? Pay a subscription payment on a weekly basis, more flexibility, no loan, own your business outright after 5 years and sell it at any time.

So that’s exactly what we’re offering!

We are the only franchise network in Australia (and indeed, we think in the world) to be offering a subscription model to business ownership.

Just pay an upfront payment of $1,000 + GST, then weekly payments from $100 + GST (depending on the service and whether you bring your own equipment or we provide it for you) and we’ll get you started in your own James Home Services business.

If you’ve always dreamt of business ownership, but need a little help getting started, then a franchise network is a great way to dip your toe into the world of being your own boss. You get full training, business coaching, marketing, resources, tools and software to run your business like a pro, and our unlimited support to help your business grow.

And now, you can unlock all of this, through a weekly subscription!

If you subscribe to several entertainment services and buy your lunch and a coffee most work days, then you’re probably spending around $400 per month on this alone… that same $400 can get you started in your own business with James Home Services! Find out more – CLICK HERE

More Information on subscribing to your own business

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