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Meet the team - Rhiannon Simcocks - CEO

Meet the Team – Rhiannon Simcocks – Chief Executive Officer

I joined James Home Services in 2020 as it changed ownership as the National Projects Manager. I moved into the National Operations Manager’s role thereafter, and in August 2021, the role of Chief Executive Officer. It’s been an incredible ride!

My background is law, marketing and business consulting. Before joining James Home Services I worked for a business consulting firm for 6 years helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to plan strategically for growth and other tangible business outcomes. So a move into the franchising industry felt natural, and allows me to continue my passion for enabling business owners to achieve their goals through strategy, planning, and honed execution.

Franchise networks play an important role in our economy, and our Australian way of life; helping tens of thousands of Australians to live the dream of working for themselves. Annually, the franchise sector is worth $182 Billion to Australia’s economy. There are over 1,100 franchise networks, over 80,000 franchise businesses and the sector employed almost half a million people in 2016 – and we’ve seen significant growth in the years since. There’s no doubt in my mind, that franchising is vital to our business sector in Australia and specifically, James Home Services plays a role in helping everyday Australians own and run their own home services businesses.

The last two years in James Home Services has been transformational. A completely refreshed brand, strategy, culture, systems, and approach to the way we do business. We turned what we had and knew on its head, and challenged ourselves to transform it into a network we would be incredibly proud to represent. And we’ve done just that. We’ve invested heavily, and continue to put in some serious hard yards, to point our company in the direction we intend to take it into the future.

I have the privilege of working alongside an incredible Head Office team. I’m constantly in awe of their dedication to our network, to each other, and to tackling any challenge we meet head on. Every member of our team is an expert in their field, a solutionist and just an all-round good vibe with the best interests of our franchisees always at the heart of their work!

We all share an informed understanding of the importance of the role we play as the Head Office team to our franchisees. Their businesses are strengthened when we get the formula at Head Office right. When we develop a tool kit of resources that simply and practically help them to grow their businesses, when we work alongside them on achieving their business goals and when we work hard in the marketplace to let customers know about the incredible team members we have, and the services they offer.

We’ve seen quite incredible growth in our franchises in the last two years, despite the challenges of Covid. Every morning I get out of bed, motivated by the fact, that we are creating an environment within our network where businesses are excelling, and growing and our franchisees feel supported, included and valued.

We lead James with a strong moral compass, sharp business acumen, and a willingness to twist the traditional and push the boundaries. Our goal, is a network of empowered and supported business owners who are meeting their financial goals, who feel fulfilled in their business, and have time to give priority to the other important things in their lives too.

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