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Meet the Team - Justin Kelly

Meet the Team – Justin Kelly – Director of Sales

Justin is one of the owners of James Home Services Australia Pty Ltd and our Director of Sales.

Justin has been involved in this business for more than a decade, at every level. He and wife Sonya are Regional Franchisors in Far North Queensland, as well as having owned and operated several franchises throughout the years also.

In 2020, the national business was placed on the market for sale, and it didn’t take Justin long to make up his mind, that his next move was to buy the master franchise.

Justin’s clear passion is in working with potential franchisees as they step through the process of buying a James Home Services business. Over the years, he’s set up hundreds of James businesses and worked with the owners as they take their first steps as their own boss.

He’s driven by a desire and a want to see others succeed. He’s seen franchisees enter the network with sometimes very little, but the drive to be their own boss and watched and assisted as they’ve built themselves a business they can be proud of and the life and financial comfort they had been looking for. There’s no greater motivator.

Justin’s title might be Director of Sales but his approach couldn’t be further than that of a traditional franchise sales role. Sure, we might be selling businesses… but actually, we treat it more that you’re looking for the information you need to inform your decision.  We’re looking to ensure that you’re a great fit for us, and that we’re a good fit for you. It has to work both ways, and if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t end well for either of us.

There isn’t a question Justin hasn’t answered, a fear or hesitation he hasn’t heard. We don’t sugar coat our answers, we just try to be as honest and transparent as we can about what it’s like to own your own business, and to work within our network.

This approach is the culture of our ‘sales’ team, and one that Justin is squarely behind the creation of. His authenticity and ability to build relationship with people is one of his key strengths, that, and a calmness in his leadership that has been instrumental in the transformation of our network over the past two years.

Thanks for your positivity, optimism, solutions-based approach and the way you balance all of this, with also being great fun to work alongside. The Head Office team is so much the richer for your role in it Justin!

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