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End of lease cleaning

5 professional tips to get your home clean for end of lease

Anyone else think the most stressful part of moving rentals, isn’t actually the moving at all… it’s the end of lease cleaning!?

Cleaning your rental at the end of your lease can seem like it takes forever, and how often is it that you think you’ve got it all covered and the place is looking better than when you first walked in, only to be told by the Real Estate agent that it still needs more cleaning.

Here’s our top 5 professional tips for getting your home clean for end of lease!

Tip 1: Know what your real estate agent will be looking at when they inspect

Did you know the Residential Tenancies Authority for each State has a list of things for the Real Estate Agent to inspect when you leave to ensure the home is left clean and tidy? That same list can be used as a checklist for how you clean your home at the end of your lease. Access the Queensland Exit Condition Report “here

Knowing exactly what your agent will be looking at, will mean you can be sure not to miss anything!

Tip 2: Be thorough

Think missing a light switch here and there, or the skirting boards won’t be noticed? It will be. It may take an extra 30 mins, but whatever you do, make sure to be thorough in your cleaning.

Even the smallest things missed will be called out by your agent and you’ll be asked to return to clean it again.

Use good quality cleaning products and equipment to make your life easier! Spending a little extra on the right tools for the job, can make the tasks easier on you, and get better results.

Tip 3: Work task to task

PRO TIP! There are a series of tasks common to all areas of the house; things like wiping the light switches, removing marks on walls, cleaning light covers and dusting skirting boards.

For these jobs that are the same in each room, choose which task you’ll start with, and move from room to room completing just this task in each room.

This lessens the chance you’ll get distracted and end up missing something, and it saves you time because you can move quickly between rooms using the same cleaning product and tool and not needing to keep switching because you’re jumping between tasks.

Tip 4: Check off a list

Whether you write your own, or use the Exit Condition Report, we highly recommend using a checklist to ensure you don’t miss any tasks. Cleaning your house for end of lease, is far more involved that the regular maintenance cleaning you undertake from week to week – you’re cleaning things you’ve never thought of cleaning before… or that you only ever clean when you specifically notice them – like fans, light switches and your range hood!

Familiarise yourself with everything on your list before you start, work out an order that you’ll attend to each item in, and work through the list systematically, checking things off as you go!

Tip 5: Call in the professionals!

If this all sounds like a lot of extra stress you just don’t need right now… then call in your local James Home Services Interior Cleaning professional to give you a hand, or to take care of your end of lease cleaning completely.

Our professional cleaners know all the tips and tricks to save time, and have your house pass inspection the first time!

We provide detailed, fully tailored quotes, specific to your needs. We’re fully insured and police checked… just for even more added peace of mind.

Call 1800 152 637 today or, submit a quote request here:

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