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Franchisee Story - Trevor & Michelle

Franchisee Stories – Trevor & Michelle

Lawn & Garden Care – Atherton South, QLD

Trevor and Michelle joined the James team in Far North Queensland in February 2021 as Lawn & Garden Care franchisees.  Trevor at the time was working FIFO (fly in, fly out) with the mines, leaving Michelle very busy with the demands of four children.  This was not how they dreamed of raising a family.  

Having a business was not new to Trevor & Michelle.  They had previously started a number of businesses and the thought of being self-employed again was almost out of the question.  They did not want to go back to the pressure of trying to run a business and make a living from it all on their own. 

Michelle says “we just felt overwhelmed and all on our own when we ran our other businesses”.  They knew they needed a change, but were unsure of where to look next.  On a social weekend get-away they starting asking their friends, who were part of the James Home Services network, lots of questions.

How did James Home Services work? Was there support and help? Could we make an income?  Their eldest two sons had just left school and were looking for good jobs – could they work in the business as well?

They went through the 5 step information process that James Home Services, walks everyone who is interested in a business through.  At the end of the process, they decided that a James lawn & garden maintenance business was the next step for them.

“We are now almost 12 months into owning our own James Lawn & Garden business.  It’s been a roller coaster!  We were so busy right from the first week with jobs coming to us from the James call centre, from other franchisees, and from customer referrals.  We simply haven’t stopped!  This week we will start our third trailer working, using staff to continue growing our business.”

Their youngest daughter is now also working in the business, learning the book keeping and administration.  There is never a quiet moment in the household of this hard working family, and when you drive into their street it’s easy to pick their house.  Just look for all the James signed vehicles and trailers!

Thank you Trevor & Michelle, for being such a great part of the team!  We’ve absolutely loved seeing you take on your lawn and garden franchise and build it quickly. You were instantly such a valued members of our team – and we’re so grateful for the contribution you make to the James family.

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