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Meet the Team – Alan Carroll – Regional Manager

Alan is one of our dedicated Regional Managers, working directly to support our Brisbane and Sydney based franchisees.

He has a comprehensive background in franchising spanning decades. He has extensive experience in training, mentoring, and coaching across all aspects of a franchised business. This puts him in a unique position to offer strategic guidance, and assistance to implement the tools to grow a franchise business. 

Alan works closely with each franchisee, to assist them achieve their goals.  Alan’s role is to be the first point of contact for franchisees in their James’ business. He assists with marketing, training, recruitment, and all aspects of business coaching to assist our franchisees elevate their James’ business. 

Alan gets great satisfaction working one-on -one with franchisees to assist them.  Using his business experience, he is able to assist a franchisee learn how to move their business to the next level and achieve their individual goals.

Allan says, “the overarching culture of teamwork and inclusion of all stakeholders working towards the continued growth and development of the James Home Services brand in the marketplace is one of the keys to growing a successful business. With a rich history in the marketplace, James Home Services has an enviable suite of resources available to all franchisees. These resources are constantly being reviewed, updated, and developed to make the running of your business more efficient and profitable.”

With 30 years of experience in the franchise sector, Alan believes that the key to a successful franchisee is one who follows the tried and tested system and is open to guidance and advice along the way. When purchasing a franchised business – you are purchasing your own business – but you are not on your own!

Thank you Alan, for the care you show and expertise you share with our franchisees!  We still pinch ourselves daily that we have someone of your experience and caliber in our network, directly supporting our franchisees and playing a critical role in the leadership of James Home Services.

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