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Five Benefits to Buying a Cleaning Franchise

5 Benefits to Buying a Cleaning Franchise

How do you start a cleaning business? Where do you start? You need products? A business name? Branding? Business management software? You need an ABN… to be registered for GST… oh, and the most important thing… you need customers!

If you’ve ever considered starting your own cleaning business, then your head has probably started to spin as you’ve thought about all the things you need to do. So, here’s five ways that buying into a cleaning franchise can fast track your business ownership goals… without the headaches of doing it on your own!

Instant brand recognition and credibility with customers

Starting your own cleaning business, means starting from scratch. You need a name, brand, logo, colours, business cards, brochures… and that’s just to begin with! Buying a cleaning franchise with James Home Services aligns you instantly with our national brand, which we’ve built over 30 years in the industry. We’re known as the professionals and are trusted by thousand of customers across Australia. We have all your marketing assets – like business cards and brochures, ready to go and be personalised with your details.

We find customers for you

People who have started their own business, will often tell you, the hardest part was getting customers, especially in the beginning! We give you a running start. We have a 10 point strategy for how we generate leads for your business, and online targeted marketing in your area is just one of the things we do to deliver leads to you from day one.

We teach you everything you need to know

Know how to clean, but no idea how to run a business? Or visa versa? We’ve got you covered! We provide your full business training and practical training – all face to face. Our business training is one-on-one or small groups and our practical training is always one-on-one with an existing franchisee in our network, on the job. The training never ends in our network – with your business coach available to you in an unlimited capacity and LOADS of online training, videos and resources for you to work through if you’re more of a self-learner. You don’t get ANY of this, when you’re on your own.

We’ve found the most effective products and equipment for you

If you think you’ll just run to Bunnings or Woolies and grab some supplies to start your business, then you’re going to end up working harder… not smarter!

We source the best equipment and the most effective products. Our cleaners won’t use any other products after using the ones we supply, because they just work so well! We’ve worked with the same cleaning products supplier for decades. We trust them, they deliver great customer service to our franchisees and most importantly… their products do what they say they’ll do… and save you serious time and effort!

It’s more affordable than you think…

If you’re thinking that all this makes a lot of sense, but you think you can’t afford to buy your own cleaning franchise… then we think, we have a solution!

You can purchase your own James Home Services cleaning franchise for $26,600 upfront. OR… you can subscribe to your cleaning franchise. Just pay $1,000 upfront, and from $100 per week and we’ll get you started in your own James Home Services cleaning franchise. We’re offering more flexibility in owning your own business, and making it more accessible and more affordable than ever before in Australia!

So, if you’re craving an escape from the office politics… or work that’s more flexible to your family commitments, have a chat with us today about your own James Home Services cleaning franchise

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