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Franchisee Stories – Annie

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For Annie, business ownership had seemed like a far-off dream for many years. Always in the back of her mind, that her work ethic, attention to detail, and love for servicing customers would some day translate to her own success in her own business.

Why did Annie make the change?

It was the impacts of COVID that saw Annie make the decision to take the next step toward owning her own business. Annie was already working in the cleaning industry but for a large company. During COVID she worked impossibly long hours away from her daughter and her family. She knew, that she was sacrificing for her work, the very things in her life that she valued the most – her daughter and her family.

Annie began the search for a business of her own, and knew she wanted a little bit of extra support to ensure she got off to a strong start, always had someone she could get help from on those little everyday questions, and had the resources behind her to build a profitable and rewarding business for herself. She researched several franchise networks. A defining factor in her decision was that over many years in both Far North Queensland and in Brisbane she realised, she had had many interactions with James Home Services businesses, all of which has been professional and positive. She liked, that in a crowded marketplace, the James brand and reputation stood out to her as one of quality and integrity and she knew she wanted her business to align with that.

Annie, what is your favourite thing about your business?

‘Everything!’. Annie loves meeting new clients, she loves the satisfaction of completing a job (big or small) and she loves knowing that she’s helping her clients to get some time back in their lives for the things that are important to them.

Most of all, she loves that her business affords her the flexibility to spend more time with her daughter and to focus more on her own wellbeing. Even throughout lockdowns, Annie was able to leverage the flexibility in her business to juggle the extra responsibility of home schooling.

Annie has also worked really hard to build her client base from the one she purchased. She’s developed relationships with an NDIS manager which is working really well for her, and she’s also very responsive to new customer enquiries.

She’s always receiving positive feedback from her clients on the work she does; and we’re not surprised one bit! Annie is such a valued member of our James Home Services family – she always has a smile on her face and a warm greeting.

In Annie’s own words… ‘the best thing about it, is that my family and friends can see that I am so much happier and more relaxed. 7 months into being my own boss, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made’.

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