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What is a franchise and how does one work?

If you’re looking for a short and sharp explanation of what a franchise is and how it works then you’ve landed in the right spot!

What is a franchise?

A franchise is a ‘ready to run’ business. You purchase your business, and are provided with all your training, equipment and everything you need to get your business started. Buying a franchise takes the headache out of starting your own business; the brand is already established, marketing will be done on your behalf, you’ll be trained fully and you get access to custom built software to manage your business. The stand out benefit however is that you have the support of an entire network of professionals, and your own dedicated business coach who works with you in an unlimited capacity to help you get your business started and growing. If you’ve never run a business before (or if you have, and you know how hard it is on your own!) then a franchise is a great option to consider.

How does a franchise work?

A franchise is a business; so you need to buy your business. James Home Services Australia is the first franchise network in Australia (and indeed, we believe the world) to offer a subscription model to owning your own business!

Once you’ve purchased your business, we train you in how to run your business and deliver the service model you’ve purchased. We also market your services for you as well as provide loads of support and backup at all stages of your business ownership.

The revenue you make in your business is yours. You earn it, you collect it from your customers. You are required to pay us a small percentage of your turnover, in return for the support we give, and the work we do every day to build a network that gets your business noticed and helps you run the most professional business you can, that stands out from your competitors.

What does a franchise do?

There are two parties in a franchise network… the Franchisor and the Franchisee. The Franchisor is the entity that manages the broader network of individual franchised businesses. We sell the franchises and then are responsible for the training, marketing, support and more. The franchisees are the individual business owners. They can be individuals, hubby/wife teams, companies and more.

The Franchisor is ultimately responsible for building a strong and prominent network of individual businesses.

The franchisees are responsible for running their business in line with the proven business systems the franchisor has designed and perfected over years in the industry and for running their business professionally and with pride.

What does it cost to buy a cleaning franchise?

James Home Services Australia offers six different service franchise models including Interior Cleaning and Lawn & Garden Care.

Typically, in the past, to purchase your franchise, you’ve needed to find the cash up front, or loan it.

But we recognise people want more flexibility, don’t have the cash up front and don’t want to enter into a loan and pay interest.

So, James Home Services Australia is the first franchise network in Australia, and indeed, we believe the world, to offer a subscription model to owning your own business.

Buying your business upfront with James Home Services starts from $26,000 for Interior Cleaning… or under our subscription option… pay just $1,000 upfront, and then from $100 per week + GST.

We’re making the dream of business ownership more affordable and more accessible than ever before!

More Information on subscribing to your own business

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