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How often do you need to clean your carpets?

People often don’t consider having their carpets cleaned unless there’s been an unsightly spill they can’t budge, a big water leak or it is part of an end of lease or home sale agreement when moving. However, there’s no better way to give your home an instant lift than to call in James’ Home Services to give your carpets a professional shampoo and deodorise

So how often do you need to clean your carpets? The answer to this question really depends on several factors. 

Do you have children?

Children have the amazing ability to track dirt and grime with them wherever they go. Our little adventurers have no hesitation in bringing the outside inside, which is great for their development, but not so great for your carpet. Added to that the food & drink spills that come with learning how to navigate feeding yourself and your carpet can be quickly left looking worse for wear. 

Do you have pets?

Our furry little friends are almost as skilled at tracking dirt and dust into your carpet as children are! Added to that shedding hair or the occasional toileting accident, pet debris will greatly contribute to wear and tear on carpeted areas of your house and leave your house with a distinct smell you may not be aware of. 

Are your carpets located in ‘high traffic’ areas of your house? 

Carpet in entry, hallways and lounge areas are generally considered to be ‘high traffic’ areas of the house and often where you will find the highest amount of dirt build up. This is especially true if shoes are worn through the house in these areas. 

Does anyone in your family suffer from allergies?

For allergy sufferers carpets can be a real struggle. While they are great for filtering out allergens when these allergens build up it can trigger all manner of reactions. 

While most carpet manufacturers will recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 24 months, primarily for aesthetic reasons,  if you have children, pets, allergy sufferers or smokers in the house you may want to consider a professional clean every 6 to 12 months to keep your carpets free from a build up of nasties that you can’t see or collect with regular vacuuming. 

Whether you are wanting to keep your carpets in tip top condition or preparing your property to move house the James Home Services, Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control teams can help you in ensuring your carpets are given a fresh lease on life! Call our team for a free quote today.

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