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Meet our newest business owner – Michael

Starting a new interior cleaning business in the Yamanto Churchill Area and servicing the surrounding areas of Raceview, Flinders View, Ripley, South Ripley, Deebing Heights, Eastern Heights, Silkstone, Blackstone & Purga, we are thrilled to introduce Michael to the James Home Services Team

Michael has overcome a difficult start to life having been born as an asylum seeker in Burkina Faso then moving with his mother and sister to Ghana in 2007. After having lived on the street for three years in front of the UN office they were granted refugee status and moved to a camp in 2003. In 2007 he was given a second chance at life by being invited to Australia where he has found a place to call home.

Michael attended high school in Toowoomba and worked in a meat factory afterward to help support his Mother, but after her passing when Michael was 19 he then chose to move out into the world to start his life as an adult.

This led him to move to Melbourne in 2013 where he met his partner and they had their first child. However, Melbourne did not provide the lifestyle Michael wanted for his new family and so they moved to Adelaide in 2016 where they chose to raise their son and build a life. In 2019 they welcomed their daughter. Michael then decided to seek family support and a stable environment for his family so he moved back to Queensland where he had family ties.

When the pandemic struck, Michael struggled to find employment, and so became a stay-at-home father to support his partner who worked as a disability carer. During this period Michael developed a passion for cleaning, as well as for serving people to help reduce their workload and stress.

Michael has always had the desire to work for himself and this newly discovered passion gave him the idea that he could help other people by bringing them some relief and joy in their homes. In his search to find out how to make this happen he discovered James Homes Services which provided the perfect platform to help him to turn his passion into a career and to help reduce stress and bring peace of mind to people in their own homes.

Michael believes his passion was inspired by his mother from his early days, to help her around the house while she struggled to provide for Michael and his sister. Michael was also raised on the principles of doing to others as you want them to do to you, Michael definitely brings this principle to his new cleaning business.

Michael has keen interests in religion, sports, music, movies, politics, history, and different cultures. But his most important interest is his family. He is a most welcome addition to the James Home Services family and we look forward to working with him as he develops his new business and serves his own customers with the level of care and passion he has already shown us.

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