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The Secret to a Successful Business

We all want the secret sauce don’t we! The secret to happiness, the secret to great relationships, the secret to fulfilment… and the secret to being successful in business.

But I think by now, we know, there is no secret sauce!

The clever ones amongst us, have figured out that a lot of this is down to hard work and focus.

But if you’re still searching for the secret to success, especially success in business, then we’ve got the next best thing to the ‘sauce’… we’ve got ‘Jo’s Four C’s’.

Jo’s Four C’s are four things that we’ve noticed every successful business owner in our network just ‘gets’. These are the things they do really well. These have emerged as the critical success factors in our businesses, and they’re not rocket science. They’re actually really simple, and we think anyone can get these right if they are aware of them.

But before we dive into exactly what these are, I want to elaborate a little on where these have come from and how they’ve come to be synonymous with success in our network.

First, you need to meet Jo! She’s a pocket rocket, master-of-all-things, chief of getting things done, and honestly, one of the loudest cheerleaders and supporters of our business owners. Jo is our Franchisee Support Coordinator… and basically that means, if you need help, Jo is one of your go-to supporters.

When you’re considering joining the James network there’s a process we take you on that ensures you have all the information you need to make the best decision for you and be sure that joining our network has the potential to help you reach your goals, plus it also gives us an opportunity to get to know you.

This information process involves initial exploratory conversations, by way of an information session. The opportunity to meet other franchisees in our network and hear directly and unfiltered from them, as well as the opportunity to meet some of our support team too. So… if you’re walking through this process, it’s highly likely you’ll get to meet our Jo.

Jo has been part of our new franchisee information process for quite some time and is great at providing a down to earth and honest perspective of what it takes to be a successful business owner in our network. Over many information sessions, meeting potential new team members Jo’s Four C’s just naturally evolved.

Today, they are very much a recognised message for success in our network. Stick to these, and you won’t go wrong. Jo’s Four C’s are referred to often by all of us. There was no whiteboard or stuffy ‘strategic planning’ session involved in the making of The Four C’s… sometimes the best things aren’t forced, they just emerge over time.

So here we are – what are Jo’s Four C’s?

These will become your recipe for success in your James business, and arguably, in any business.

1. Communication

Communication should be frequent! We’ll contact you regularly, but we also want you to contact us… with questions, with concerns, with things that are keeping you awake at night, and also with the good stuff; when you have a win, we want to know about it! Constant communication allows us to make sure we are helping you get to your goals faster. And if there’s a problem or a challenge you’re facing, we can help you navigate through it faster, if you’re communicating with us about it! There is no problem or challenge that cannot be solved through good communication.

2. Commitment

Success in anything takes commitment, even when you’re not feeling it. Commitment on the good days will be easy, you will feel motivated and it will come naturally. The key is to get up every day and commit, even if your tired, even if you’re struggling, even if you feel like you’re up against it. Commit to taking control over what you can control… and you can control the energy and commitment you give to your business.

3. Consistency

Taking a consistent approach to everything you do will amplify your results. Be consistent

in your flyer drops, be consistent in your posting to GBP, be consistent to your posting to Facebook Groups, be consistent in staying on top of your admin, be consistent in sending your invoices, be consistent in your communication with your support team. Consistency in marketing will get you more leads, and consistency in your service and administration tasks will see you converting more of those leads to customers, and being paid faster for your services. Consistency will see you reaching your goals, faster!

4. Comfort

Your comfort zone will hold you back… get comfortable, with stepping outside of it. The feeling of discomfort is normal! Acknowledge the feeling, but embrace it, and push through it. Our most successful business owners will all attest to feeling uncomfortable, nervous and challenged as they started their businesses… but they will also all tell you, that they stayed focused and worked hard, and that’s where the magic happened for them.

Combining these, with the training and the second-to-none support we provide to our business owners is powerful!

Our largest, fastest growing, happiest business owners have these four things in common. They do them, and they do them extremely well.

In fact, we’ve seen new franchisees take their business from $0 to over $3K a week in turnover in a few months, because of their attitude and their dedication to these Four C’s.

So, if you’re thinking about joining our network, our Subscription Model makes starting your own business affordable – from as little as $1000 upfront and $100 per week, plus, we offer an Income Guarantee for the first 12 weeks.

What are you waiting for?

More Information on subscribing to your own business

Want to speak to a real person about joining our network? Get in touch directly with our National Director of Sales; Justin Kelly on 0438 780 363

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