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Thinking of Purchasing a Cleaning Franchise? Here’s what you need to know!

How do cleaning franchises work?

We could write 1000 pages on how a cleaning franchise works… but here’s the major points you need to know, if your considering purchasing a cleaning franchise:

1. You buy your business. Most franchises only offer a model where you have to pay upfront or find the cash (loan) to do so. We offer a subscription model, which breaks the payment down into a weekly commitment starting from $100 per week after an initial $1,000 upfront fee.

2. When you buy your business, you enter into a Franchise Agreement with us, that helps to clarify our obligations to you, and your obligations to us.

3. We guide you through all the legalities of setting up your business.

4. We organise things like your marketing, signage, business cards, flyers and more!

5. We train you in business management as well as in cleaning like a pro!

6. We provide, and train you in using our business management software – to make keeping track of your customers and your business a breeze.

7. We provide your equipment if you’re not bringing your own.

8. We have a 10-point strategy to generate new customers for your business.

9. Once you’ve started operating your business, we are by your side every step. We speak to our new franchisees on an almost daily basis! Our support is limitless and on tap – when you want it, when you need it, we’re available to you!

10. In exchange for all our work in helping you get your business set up and flying, you pay a weekly franchise fee, which is a small percentage of your turnover.

Should I start a cleaning business or buy a cleaning franchise?

It’s a big question! Often people think that starting their own cleaning business will be easy, and because you’re not paying for your business, that the cost will be a lot less. But if you start your cleaning business on your own… then you don’t have anyone supporting you, training you, and guiding you on all the little things you need to do/know. Imagine having to step through the list above on your own! And trust us when we say, that list, is just the tip of the iceberg – remember we said it was only the major points you needed to know!

When you buy a cleaning franchise, you have us to lean on! You have our support every step of the way – and for a lot of people, that takes a huge amount of risk out of being your own boss.

Are cleaning franchises profitable?

Even if we gave you an answer to this question… would you believe us? Or do you want to hear the answer to this directly from people in our network running their own businesses? We don’t make any representations to you about whether our cleaning franchises are profitable (because by law, we can’t)… but, if you enquire with us, we step you through an information process and part of that process is introducing you to some of our existing business owners and allowing you to ask them these questions directly! You can’t get more ‘direct-from-the-source’ than that.

Are cleaning franchises a good investment?

Like most things in life, success is more likely, when you work hard, you work smart, you have conviction and you’re prepared to learn new things and implement them. Owning a cleaning franchise is no different.

We have franchisees who recruit more staff regularly because their businesses are growing. We have franchisees who are at capacity and can’t take more new work. We have business owners who hit the ground running in the first few months and exceed their own expectations.

There is incredible demand for cleaning services all throughout Australia right now. That demand has been growing consistently over the past decade, and further growth is projected as our population ages and as we work more, and more of us look for a little help around the house.

Where there’s demand, there’s opportunity. We have a system designed to allow everyday Australian’s to harness that demand and turn it into their own business. Where you choose to take your business is in your hands, and our role is support you and help you grow your cleaning business.

More Information on subscribing to your own business

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