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I sacked my boss…

This isn’t quite the story you might think! Whilst we have plenty of business owners join our network after giving their boss the flick, this story has a fun little kick that we just love sharing.

Two years ago, Camille was looking for a new job. Her husband, Cary, had purchased a James Home Services Lawn & Garden Care business a few years earlier and knew that the regional franchisor for Far North Queensland was looking to employ someone into his Interior Cleaning business in Cairns.

Fast forward a few weeks, and Camille found herself working as a cleaner for James Home Services.

Camille is an absolute stickler for a clean and tidy home; she loves being meticulous and thorough and the satisfaction that comes when leaving a property sparkling.

It wasn’t long before the clients of the business started to remark to the owner, just how incredible Camille was.

And it wasn’t long before Camille realised that all her hard work and effort was for someone else’s gain… but it didn’t have to be…

So, six weeks into her new job, and with a cheeky glint in her eye, Camille told her boss he was sacked and that she wanted to buy his business.  The rest is history, and Camille has been running her own James Home Services Interior Cleaning business in Cairns since then.

The part we really love…? Well, other than the fact that our network gained a real gem – a kind and contributing member of our family… we love that Camille’s ‘boss’ is now one of the owners of the national James Home Services Australia business.

We love the humility in this story, and the fact that it shows anyone can build their own James Home Services business just as long as they’ve got the drive, and the determination to make their business work for them.

Camille is still a committed and valued member of our team. Her clients love her, so do her peers in the network. She became an accredited James trainer and now actively trains new Interior Cleaning business owners as we welcome them into our network.  She’s assisted Head Office in reviewing and providing feedback on all things related to the Interior Cleaning businesses which helps us to be continuously improving what we do.

Thanks for being such an important part of our team Camille – we love this story of how you came to join our network, and we love the contribution you make to James!

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