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Who buys a franchise?

There are many reasons why people choose to buy a franchise, and equally, there are many different types of people who consider the option.

Recently, we’ve really focused in on better defining who buys a James franchise. Because understanding our buyers is critical to us being able to design a purchase process that is relevant, and anticipate the kinds of questions people will have along the way. If we get our role in this right, it means your journey to business ownership is far simpler.

In our network we have ex-corporates who just wanted a break from the demands of corporate life.

We have IT professionals who wanted to do something that enabled both Mum and Dad to be home each evening to spend more time with the kids.

We have people who have been FIFO workers; and were tiring of the transient lifestyle and the time away from their family.

We have Mums who wanted to get back into the workforce once their kids where in school, and who needed the flexibility of being able to work within school hours.

We have husband and wife teams who had financial goals that just being an employee wasn’t getting them any closer to achieving.

We have people who just simply wanted to work their own hours, and not be accountable to a boss.

We have people who realised if they worked as hard for themselves, as they did for their boss, that they could be the one taking home the profits.

We have shift workers who wanted to get back to more normal working hours.

We have people who know definitively that owning their own business is what they want, and they’re looking for the best way to make that happen for them.

We have families who wanted to provide employment opportunities for their kids, all whilst teaching them valuable skills acquired when you own your own business.

We have people who have come from highly regimented jobs; who like working within a system, but who just wanted more freedom to make the system work for them also.

Everyone has different motivations for owning their own business. We like to learn about yours, so we can understand where you’ve come from, and more importantly, where you’d like to get to.

What’s clear however, is that there is one common thread weaved through every motivation – that something in their life is slightly out of balance, and they’re looking for their ‘what’s next’.

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