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Delivering an exemplary customer experience and completing work to the highest quality standard is in Helio’s DNA.   

Before becoming a member of the James family, Helio had built a successful career in the retail sector and, through hard work and determination, had reached some impressive career heights.  

However, after almost a decade and a half in the retail sector, Helio decided he wanted to do something that gave him more flexibility over his own time, continued to maintain the financial independence he’d built for himself and most of all, gave him satisfaction in his work and made a difference in peoples lives.  

Helio had never owned a business before, nor worked as a cleaner. So the decision to purchase a franchise was one he made to ensure he always felt supported, was provided with full business and on-the-job training, and had a network of like-minded business owners around him to assist him as he developed his business.  

What he also felt incredibly strongly about, was that the franchise network he selected to join, mirrored his own values and morals for exceptional customer service, a high standard of work, integrity and respect for customers, and incredibly importantly, where he felt he would be valued as a franchisee and never treated as a ‘number’. For Helio, James Home Services fit his brief perfectly.  

Helio is the first to admit, that starting his own business, even with all the support of James, wasn’t a walk in the park. The first few months as he worked hard to build his customer base and repeat work were nerve racking. But, before long, his dedication and persistence in following the training James Home Services had provided meant his calendar was filling more and more each week, and he gained confidence each month in his business skills, and in the certainty of the revenue he was generating.  

Today, Helio’s business is returning more than enough to maintain his financial position. He says what he’s gained in freedom to control his time, the development he’s seen in himself and in his business and the satisfaction he gets from his work and the relationships he shares with his customers is an incredible bonus on top of the financial benefits of owning his own business.  

When we asked what his favourite part of owning his own business is, his answer came easily… ‘knowing I make a difference in people lives… there isn’t anything more satisfying that this!’.  

We couldn’t agree more with you Helio! Thanks for being such a key member of the James family. The past few months have been exceptionally trying for our business owners in NSW and Helio has shown incredible leadership to his fellow franchisees – working closely with them to support and share knowledge. James gained another gem when Helio joined the team! 

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