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Is a franchise worth it?

Why would I pay a franchise fee when I can just start my own business?

If you’ve ever thought about going into business for yourself, then you’ve no doubt looked at both sides of the coin – buy a business or franchise, or start your own from scratch.

And if you’re looking for a straight forward business model where you’re simply selling your time by delivering services to clients, then we’d almost bet on it that at some point, you’ve asked yourself the question… if I’m just selling time, then why would I buy a franchise when I could just simply go out and start doing it myself? Why would I pay a franchise fee?

It’s a legitimate question! In fact, we get asked it a lot as we are walking potential new business owners through the sales process.

The best way to answer it, is to be as direct as we can about what’s involved in both options:

When you start your own business, you need to:

  • Choose, source and organise all your equipment (you’ll need more than you think!)
  • Set up your accounting system and learn how to bookkeep
  • Develop a brand for your business, a website, listing pages and marketing material
  • Market your business and get customers
  • Figure out how to quote successfully so you are competitive AND profitable
  • Arrange insurance for your business
  • Choose a software platform to help you manage your business
  • Ensure you understand all relevant laws, especially around Workplace Health & Safety and Employment Law
  • Learn how to do the job efficiently, safely and how to manage customers
  • Make a Business Plan and create a cashflow model to help you manage your business
  • Learn how to analyse your businesses performance and spot the areas where you can improve

This list could go on!

But here’s what that list looks like when you buy a franchise…

  • We have all your equipment needs sorted, and we arrange it all for you – all included in your purchase price for the business
  • We can help set-up your accounting software, and provide training
  • We already have a nationally recognised brand, a website, listings and all the marketing material you’ll need – all included in your purchase price for the business
  • We train you in how to get customers, and how to quote, and WIN work and be profitable all at the same time
  • We have an insurance broker who can help with your specific insurance needs and who already understands our businesses
  • We have a powerful software platform and we train you thoroughly in how to use it
  • We provide lots of training and have loads of resources relevant to Workplace Health & Safety and Employment Law.. and others!
  • You receive a trainer to work one on one with you for a whole week when you first start your business; and that’s in addition to the 2 days intensive training on how to run your business and the ongoing support from your business coach who will help with your business plan, cashflow models, business performance and strategies for business growth.

What you’re actually buying when you buy a franchise, is access to a fast-tracked business start-up.

We’ve thought about what you need to get started, and we provide it. Building our systems, processes and resources so that we can help you, is what your paying us for. You’re paying us for the right to use our learnings, experience, and intellectual property and we sell that to you as a service – just like you sell your time to your customers as a service.

If your mind is boggling, then you’re not alone. In fact, that’s why franchises exist. It gives people the help and support to start their business when otherwise, they’d need to wade through the start up process, all on their own. 

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